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Dental Marketing Case Study

Dental Marketing Case Study – Gentle Breeze Family Dentistry

By November 12, 2012June 4th, 2022One Comment

dental marketing case study

Congratulations to Gentle Breeze Family Dentistry, Our November 2012 Practice of the Month!

Dr. Orr and her team are among our company’s first clients. We’re excited to see the way they continue to use social media to build their practice and strengthen their patient relationships. Gentle Breeze Family Dentistry has learned how to really put their marketing tools to work by first starting at their blog— what we like to call “The Hub”. Gentle Breeze’s social media marketing director, James, told us that when they’re reaching out to new patients, they always refer them to their blog first. Why?

Your Dental Blog Is The Best Access Point For All Your Content

Well designed blogs provide easy links to all your other online tools. Patients can be directed to your website form your blog to learn about the services you offer. They can jump to Facebook to see the most current things going on in your practice, and they can link to your videos on Youtube. It’s a great foundation! Make sure that you’re putting a blog to work in your practice.

Your Blog Is Current And Personal

We help our clients keep their blogs current with regular articles, but the most effective dental blogs are the ones where the practice participates too. When we talked to Gentle Breeze’s social media director, James, he told us that he found it made all the difference in social media when the team was involved. When the staff is actively EXPERIENCING social media, they’re more excited to share it with patients and refer them to our online resources.”

With a series of team feature posts on their blog, Gentle Breeze gives you an inside view of their practice. People who have never even met Maegan, Wendy, and Tanya feel comfortable and excited about working with such a fun team.

Make Your Blog Your Own

If you’ve already done some team feature posts, great! Keep it going! Challenge everyone to answer a frequently asked question. Pick a patient of the month. Share practice events and news with your patients regularly.

dentist marketing case study


We asked James what their biggest surprise has been using social media marketing in their practice. He said,“Our patients love feeling included—the way that some patients loyally follow and comment has been surprising. It creates great referrals and great relationships with patients.”

Lesson Learned: If you’ve gotten nice comments and participation from your patients, you know how gratifying it is. Social media offers patients a way to give you feedback and express their gratitude in a way that’s comfortable to them.


Next, we asked what social media marketing tactics they’ve had the most success with. James said, “We love the accessibility that we get through My Social Practice’s tools. Even though we have a website, we always direct people to our blog’s homepage first.”

Lesson Learned: Your hub is important! It’s fluid, it connects to all of your tools, and it has YOU written all over it. Personalize it and use it.


When we asked James to share his thoughts about the biggest benefits of social media for THEIR PATIENTS, he replied,“Patients are far more open to receiving important oral hygiene information. They feel connected and involved with our practice.”

Lesson Learned: Social media isn’t just about reaching out to new patients. It’s also about creating better relationships with the patients you already have. Don’t ever discredit the value of higher patient retention, loyalty, and trust.


When asked his opinion about what’s the HARDEST part of social media marketing, James said,“Keeping the entire staff excited on a consistent basis.”

Lesson Learned: We know that this is something that a lot of practices struggle with. Keep on the lookout for great ideas that involve your team.


We asked James which services or items provided by My Social Practice have proven to be the most helpful. He replied,“Definitely the weekly blogs. Our patients feel like they are in a special club, and enjoy the light hearted videos and pictures. This also creates a more positive office experience, and helps to keep them focused on maintaining that beautiful smile.”

Lesson Learned: Some practices worry about pushing content out to their patients regularly, but you’ll be surprised how much patients love the advice and the fun.


Congratulations to Gentle Breeze Dentistry for your outstanding use of dental social media!

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About the Author: Jack Hadley is one of the founding members of My Social Practice, a dental marketing company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is passionate about helping dental practices grow by using dental marketing strategies. If you’d like to book Jack or one of the other members of My Social Practice’s speaking team, you can do that on our dental marketing consultant page. Interested in learning more about the benefits of SEO for dentists, and our incredible dental website offering? Learn More!

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