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Social Media Posts For Dentists: How To Measure Success

By November 6, 2012November 24th, 2021No Comments

social media posts for dentists

Social Media Posts For Dentists: How To Measure Success

YOU MAY BE SURPRISED TO KNOW that a study of dental practice pages on Facebook showed that 82% have less than 500 Likes, and only 2% have more than 1000 Likes.

Does that seem strange when you consider that many big brands, like Lady Gaga for example, have nearly 54,000,000 Facebook Likes? You may be tempted to think that big brands have more social media engagement with people than do small brands like your dental practice. That’s not true.

Businesses that most effectively benefit from social media marketing are relationship-based businesses—like your dental practice.

Dental Social Media Marketing Is Based On One-To-One Relationships

A successful dental social media post is typically realized through small numbers combined with great strategy, interesting content, and strong human connections.

Now, I’m not suggesting that more blog subscribers, more post comments, more video views, and more Facebook Likes and Shares don’t help. Of course, they do, and we’re always working toward helping our clients increase those numbers in thoughtful ways. But don’t obsess over the numbers. Focus first on meaningful connections with the fans your dental practice already has and build from there. And that means starting your dental social media efforts with your existing patient base.

As you probably know, we’re big Seth Godin fans around here. You should probably subscribe to and read his blog. He talks about a concept called, “First, Ten” that I often talk about when I speak to dental groups:

dental social media

Use Your Dental Social Media Platform To Connect With One Patient At A Time

If you haven’t seen this yet, take the two minutes to watch it. It will change your perspective on what social media posts for dentists should look like:

Action Items:

  1. Set a goal this month to focus on relatable social media posts for dentists and ask your team to help increase the number of subscribers to your blog and the number of new Likes to your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Keep the goal small and doable. Perhaps it’s as low as one or two people each business day. If you’re one of our clients, utilize the great-looking print materials we send you. They’re great conversation starters. Talking up your promotion is another great way to increase subscribers and Likes.
  2. Train you team so they can easily and succinctly explain the value to your patients of being connected through your dental social media platform.
  3. Watch the simplest metrics—blog subscribers and Facebook and Instagram Likes, Comments, and Shares. As Albert Einstein once said, “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” You can spend as much time and energy as you’d like crunching numbers. There are TONS of analytics you could spend time monitoring. Such activity may bring a few good insights, but at what cost? Wouldn’t you be better off spending that time connecting with your patients and prospective patients?
  4. Never, ever, ever, ever consider the temptation to purchase fans, followers, or Likes. It’s of no value to you and it compromises your strategy. Just embrace your tribe—one patient at a time.

The key to successfully social media posts for dentists is that you have to be relationship-based. You need a strong human connection with whoever you’re trying to market too, whether it’s existing customers or potential leads.

In order for this process of building connections and relationships to work, you can’t just focus on the numbers like Facebook Likes and Shares – instead, start by focusing on meaningful connections with people who already know about your dental practice! Learn More.

Let us help increase those numbers in thoughtful ways so we can achieve our goal: creating an effective dental marketing strategy which drives sales through leveraging how customer’s brains think at different stages in the purchasing process or lead funnel. Which of these cognitive neuroscience principles has been most useful when engaging with patients online?

What do you think? Do you get discouraged by small numbers? Please share your thoughts below, or on our Facebook page! Thanks!

This post is part of a the series 26 Dental Social Media Post Truths.

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