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Boosting Facebook Posts Is A Smart Dental Marketing Spend

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Small $ Boosts = Greater Reach = Increased Likes, Comments, Shares = Effective Facebook Marketing

You already trust us as the thought leaders in dental social media marketing. Now, we’re asking you to trust this recommendation. We monitor hundreds of client practices and tens of thousands of dental practice Facebook posts each week. We know what works—and the formulas for success are simple.

facebook marketing for dentists

Great Content Grows Your Dental Practice, When People SEE It!

Four years ago, when we started My Social Practice, the Facebook success formula was different. The key to Likes, comments, and shares was simply posting awesome, engaging content. That’s because Facebook was pushing your practice posts through initially to 30–40% of your fan base (meaning the people who Liked your page). Then, once somebody Liked, commented on, or shared one of your posts, Facebook factored that action into their Edgerank algorithm which resulted in that person continuing to receive more and more of your posts.

Over the last 18 months, Facebook has moved aggressively toward a “pay to play” model. The way they’ve done it is smart. Their algorithm reportedly still factors in your fans’ engagement with your content as described above (so it’s still important when people Like, comment, and share).

But now, although we still provide our clients with killer daily content, Facebook isn’t initially pushing those posts through to as many fans (unless you pay to boost/promote the post). Obviously Facebook is tight lipped about their stats and strategy, but estimates are that they’re currently only pushing your posts to about 4% of your fans. Boosting dramatically increases that number—even if you only spend as little as $5.00.

Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You

I recently heard a dentist dogging Facebook because it’s no longer “free”. C’mon… take off the blinders. Dollar for dollar, Facebook is still the BEST marketing value around.

Yesterday, one of our clients posted this photo to their Facebook page and picked up a new patient:

dental social media


Still Foggy? Think About It This Way…

Pretend you’re a passionate foodie who wants to open a restaurant. You secure an investor. She knows that—no matter how remarkable your food and ambiance are—it’s going to take some time before she sees a return on her investment.

You open your doors, but nobody knows about you. You’ve spent your money getting the place open and you have little left for marketing. You decide that the best way to spread the word is to invite people you know to come in and dine at no charge—on the condition that they’ll help you spread the word. Your only hard cost is the food cost, making this strategy affordable.

In a few short months your restaurant is packed. Now, here’s the question… Would the people you invited in initially to dine for free, still expect you to treat them to dinner every time they come in to dine? Of course not! Would they bad-mouth you for not continuing to give away food? Of course not! So, the question is no longer about paying or not paying. The question is about the value received. In fact, now that your restaurant has a following, the only real question is, “Does your restaurant provide enough value for people to pay to dine there.” And the answer is, “Yes, it does.” And it’s the same for Facebook.

Facebook Built It, And They Came

The founders of Facebook burned through millions of dollars for years as they grew their platform to over a billion users. Now they have something of tremendous value to marketers. Don’t forget that. Despite a tiny slowing of the growth rate in a couple of less-significant demographics, up to 80% of the patients who walk through your practice door are logging on to Facebook daily and are spending hours there each week. Facebook is a trusted, highly scalable, permission-based network—with emphasis on the word “trusted”. At least for today, there’s no better place to market your dental practice by leveraging the people who love you most—your valued patients.

Boosting Facebook Posts Is Easy: You Pay Facebook, Not Us

I’ve heard two points of confusion out there about this. First, we’re talking about boosting posts, NOT Facebook ads. They’re two different things.

Second, this is not some sort of commission-driven thing where we make money. You pay Facebook directly.

Here’s how to do it:

How Much To Spend? The Value Is There

So how much should you be spending? You’ll need to decide that. Our recommendation is that you start by spending $5 promoting posts a couple of times each week. If you’re one of our clients, we make sure that certain ideas we send you are “boostable”—meaning that Facebook will approve them for boosting.

Increase your budget from there. Don’t stop and don’t give up. As with all marketing, there’s no silver bullet and you must exercise some patience as you refine your approach.

On the other end of the budget spectrum, we recently had a client spend $5,000 in one month boosting posts that promoted an Invisalign campaign they were running. Facebook boosting resulted in nearly 100 in-practice consultations that produced over $250,000 in production.

Don’t Have Many Facebook Fans Yet? That’s No Excuse

Even if you are just starting out, and your Facebook fan base is small, boosting posts is still a good idea. Check out the traction White Bear Smiles gets on their Facebook page with only about 200 fans.

Is YOUR Practice Ready To Become A Social Practice?

We LOVE empowering dentists to better utilize the power of Facebook, and other social media platforms, to grow their practices. Through consistent support and creative content, we make it simple—requiring only 10 minutes a day on your part:

Here are the three keys to your success:

#1: When You Participate, You’re Effective – Your team members’ participation is what makes social media effective. We provide the in-practice printed materials and the online tools you need to be successful.

#2: Creative Content – Awesome content provides value, engages prospective new patients, and strengthens existing patient relationships.

#3: Consistency That Ensures Success – When social media marketing is fun and fast, your practice becomes consistent. Our support makes that possible and affordable. You’re never alone in doing it. We show you how.


Ready To Begin Finding Dental Patients with Digital Dental Marketing?


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About the Author: Jack Hadley is a dental marketing expert and one of the founding members of My Social Practice. My Social Practice is a digital dental marketing company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jack is passionate about helping dental practices grow. If you’d like to book Jack or one of the other members of My Social Practice’s speaking team, you can do that HERE. Interested in learning more about the benefits of SEO for dentists, our dental websites service? Learn More Here.