April Social Practice Of The Month – Bright Smiles Dental Centre

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Congratulations to Bright Smiles Dental Centre, our April Social Practice of the Month!

Last summer, Bright Smiles Dental Centre was a total newbie to social media. Since opening their brand-new Facebook page last September, Dr. Blair and her team have seen steady growth, thanks to fun campaigns, enthusiastic participation from the team, and warm support from their patients and community.

Today, they’re thriving on social media, with over 500 likes and excellent examples of patient participation. Here are some lessons that we can all learn from their excellent launch.

Take Advantage Of Professional Tools And Advice

Pretty soon you’ll understand more about what works and what doesn’t for your practice. Until then, use the tools and advice at your disposal. Campaigns are a great resource for new (and old) practices. They give you more reach and work as a conversation starter if you’re feeling shy. Bright Smiles Dental Centre used a grab bag campaign at the beginning of their launch and saw amazing results!

Since then they’ve put other resources to work, like social signs and the Toy Drive campaign back in December. Check it out:

Bright Smiles Dental Centre

Get Your Team Involved And Excited

It takes a team to make social media really work. Take time to feature your staff, and invite patients to connect with the group. On social media, people want to interact with humans, not faceless companies. Check out the likes on Nickesha’s photo below!

Bright Smiles Dental Centre Facebook Example

Bright Smiles Dental Centre Facebook Example

Build On Personal Connections With Patients And The Community

We don’t have to tell you that patient relationships are the life blood of your practice. Fostering those connections is your purpose on social media. Bright Smiles Dental Centre takes opportunities to connect with their patients, and community. Your social media attempts will sink or swim based on what kind of support you get from your patients.

So get started by asking. Ask patients to review your practice, to take pictures and post them on social media, and to enter campaigns.

“You’ll be surprised.” Dr. Blair told us. In fact, when we asked her what the single biggest surprise was about social media, she told us it was “the fact that people actually want to connect with us on FB.” Give it a try. It won’t work out every time, but as Dr. Blair said, you’ll be surprised at the amount of support that you get from your patients.

Bright Smiles Dental Centre Facebook Example

Bright Smiles Dental Centre Facebook Example

Bright Smiles Dental Centre Facebook Example

Bright Smiles Dental Centre Facebook Example

Result: Strong and Steady Growth

At first glance, 500 doesn’t look like a huge number, but those are applicable, effective likes – patients and people in their community who have social influence and their own circle of friends on social media. Slow and steady growth is always the best way to go! Look at the progress made at the rate of just 1 or 2 likes a day.

Bright Smiles Dental Centre Facebook Example

Some More Q&A With Dr. Blair

Since you started using social media, what has been your biggest surprise?

“We were really surprised at how patients are actually really happy and excited to engage with us on our Facebook page.”

Which tools have you found work best for you?

“Facebook is my first foray into the social media world… and the one that we’ve been focusing on.”

What’s the hardest part of social media for your team?

“Coming up with new ideas is hard. We try to pick ones that are inspirational, educational or that would engage our patients.”

What’s the biggest benefit of social media for your practice?

“More people ‘see’ us and are interested in what we do and want to learn more about us.”

What do you and your team do in the office to move forward your social media efforts?

“We ask patients to like our page, and we take photos with our patients for our page. We also post events happening in our office.”

What would your advice be to someone just starting out on social media?

“Give it a try, you’ll be surprised!”

Congratulations to Bright Smiles Dental Centre! Keep up the great work.