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Attract Local Instagram Followers Using Hashtags

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Hashtags Help Attract Local Instagram Followers And Raise Top-of-Mind Awareness for Your Practice

One of the great things about Instagram is that—at least for now—Instagram doesn’t pick and choose the images your followers see in their feeds. In other words, if you post it, chances are your followers will see it. And although Instagram is starting to accept more advertising, they haven’t yet moved to a “pay-to-play” model like Facebook’s. The challenge is getting more local followers. And here’s a really simple idea that can help.

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As you know, hashtags create common threads that link together posts with similar subject matter. Using hashtags that are specific to local interests in your area can put your practice smack dab in the middle of conversations with the people you want to connect with most.

Let me introduce to Websta will show you the activity levels of various related hashtags on Instagram. In the search window you can enter any subject, but a great place to start is to enter the name of the city where you practice.

Instagram marketing For Orthodontists

Some of the hashtags you see will be relevant to your own practice strategy and some won’t. And, going for hashtags with the largest volume is a good idea sometimes, but not all the time. Using hashtags with super-high volume may just mean you get lost in the crowd. Pick hashtags that you and your team members have genuine interest in and participate in those conversations.

The objective is to make a connection with someone—to find common ground that helps build a relationship.

A Tip That Makes This Faster & Easier

Select the hashtags that you’d like to use and choose a place on your phone for keeping them handy. For example, if you have an iPhone you might use the “Notes” application. That way you can copy and paste the hashtags without having to key them in every time you post.

Local Instagram Followers For Dentists

And remember, Instagram limits the maximum number of hashtags to 30. Also, for a less cluttered feel to the post, some practices like to paste the hashtags in as a comment instead of including them in the main image description. Either way is equally effective.

Give this simple idea a try! You’ll be surprised to see how many local people will start finding you on Instagram when you’re making an effort to join local conversations!

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