LinkedIn And Dental Marketing Play Well Together

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As I visit with dentists across the country and around the world, I’m often asked the question, “Jack, when it comes to digital dental marketing, what do you think about the effectiveness of LinkedIn?”

Back in the old days, the only way to really interact with people in your local community was to belong to some kind of social organization—whether that was the Kiwanis Club, your church congregation, or the golf course country club. Networking was ALL done face-to-face. And of course, this will always be an important part of building your practice and finding local, new patients.

But today, a tool like LinkedIn provides a really effective way to expand these kinds of local relationships online, and to cultivate potential new patients and friendships with people who are willing to help spread the good word about your practice.

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LinkedIn And Dental Marketing

Too Often, LinkedIn’s Local Effectiveness Is Overlooked

There are lots of people who still think that LinkedIn is a place where college students post their résumés during thier job hunt. You’re not one of those people, are you?

Studies show that, typically, half of the people you’re connected to on LinkedIn live in the geographic area your practice serves.

One of our remarkable clients, Dr. Aparna Sadineni (and her team) is a LinkedIn effectiveness “poster child”. They create and consistently publish to both a personal profile and a business page for Dublin Metro Dental Group.

On Aparna’s personal page, in addition to maintaining a very complete profile, we assist her in taking advantage of LinkedIn’s blogging platform to publish interesting blog content on LinkedIn. I’ve noticed that because this blog functionality is not yet widely known about or utilized by people on LinkedIn, posts there seem to get good traction right now, increasing top-of-mind awareness of Aparna’s dental practice.

On their business page, Dublin Metro consistently posts personalized updates, with lots of photos about the things going on inside the practice. There are many tools out there that can help you publish your content across accounts. Our clients use our MSP Publisher tool to publish or schedule content to multiple social media accounts with ease. Regardless of the tool you use, taking advantage of LinkedIn’s “Recent Updates” functionality can be very effective.

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Is The Dentist In Your Practice “Less Involved” In Your Social Media?

In some practices, the doctor finds himself or herself being less involved in day-to-day social media activities. There are lots of possible reasons for that, and it’s often very understandable. They wear a LOT of hats and must do a lot of delegating. However, in some cases, I’ve heard the reason (although I sorta see it more as a [lame] excuse), “Oh, I’m just an old timer. All this newfangled technology stuff is beyond my grasp.” Hmmm… Not really.

In either case, a proactive, personal LinkedIn strategy on the part of the doctor can really contribute to the practice’s overall social media marketing strategy. Sometimes, making LinkedIn the one-and-only responsibility the doctor has just becomes an extension of what he or she is already doing in the community. And more often than not—after a few months—the doctor is actually enjoying it while strengthening local relationships and building the practice.

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