Facebook’s Practice Marketing Power Starts With Your Patients’ Posts

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“Selfie Marketing” Demonstrates How Facebook’s Most Effective Marketing Power Doesn’t Come From The Things You Post

Here’s one of the ways many of our client practices are getting effective marketing mileage on Facebook. We call it “selfie-marketing”. Although this is a great example, the principle behind this idea is much bigger, and can really help you grow your practice.

selfies_marketing2Here at My Social Practice, each month we create something called a Campaign In A Box. Last month, we conceptualized, designed, and printed a “Snap-A-Selfie” campaign. Today, our practice clients are using the campaign props to take photos with their patients and team members.

Each time they take a selfie, the practice decides to either take the photo using the practice’s camera device (camera, smartphone, tablet) or ask the patient to use the patient’s camera device (likely their smartphone).

We train our clients to use their patient’s device whenever possible—and we help team members become proficient in comfortably suggesting the idea to patients.

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After each patient takes a selfie and posts it to his or her social media account(s), the team member reminds them to tag the practice as you can see below. Then, the practice shares the patient’s post on their own page:


It’s important to remember that we are not suggesting that you never post anything to your Facebook page. An occasional post there is important from a branding perspective. But in terms of accomplishing marketing objectives on Facebook, tactics like Selfie marketing are more powerful. Selfie marketing reminds us all how Facebook’s most effective marketing power doesn’t come from your postings. It comes from you empowering other people to market your practice through online word of mouth. All of our Campaigns-In-A-Box are designed to help you better accomplish that.

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