5 Awesome Olympic Dental Contest Ideas To Increase Followers

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5 Awesome Olympic Dental Contest Ideas To Increase Followers

We’re celebrating the Olympics by suggesting little in-practice dental contests that make for fun videos to post to your dental social media accounts! We’ve come up with 5 dental office Facebook contest ideas to get you started and some free materials to download:

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1. The Brushing Challenge Dental Contest: Every team member pairs up. Competitor #1 kneels & bends their arms behind their backs, while competitor #2 is blindfolded and uses their arms to brush and floss competitor #1’s teeth. Whichever team finishes brushing and flossing each tooth wins!

2. The Floss Dash Dental Contest: All competitors are given containers of floss (same teams). Competitor #1 holds the container while #2 grabs hold of the end of the floss and runs until the case is empty. #2 then races back and #1 puts the floss back into the case. Whoever runs the fastest & puts the floss back wins!

3. Plastic Cup Stack Attack Dental Contest: (watch video below)

4. Water Pool Contest (watch video below)

5. Brush With Danger Dental Contest: (watch video below)

Not only will you build relationships with your team, but fans will love seeing your practice culture! Throw your own ideas into the mix for added fun!

Follow this simple tutorial and check out these great tips on setting up a livestream if you want to record your videos on Facebook Live. When shooting, make sure the environment is well lit and the subject is close enough to the camera (framed from about the waist up).

We know that staying consistent with your social media publishing is not easy, it takes a little time. But with these ideas and resources to get you started you should be able to implement them quickly and without stress.

Don’t Forget The Dental Contest Winners Podium!

Click the link below to download some printable materials to hold your own Dental Olympics in your practice! Downloads even include gold, silver, and bronze medals!

Download FREE Materials!


Ready To Begin Finding Patients With Dental Contest Ideas?

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