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Why You Should Be Talking About Your Dental Services on Social Media

By January 13, 2017January 28th, 2021No Comments

Social media is an excellent way to generate interest in products and services you offer in your dental practice. And when promotion is done right, it doesn’t seem “salesy” — it builds relationships and sparks engagement.

You might read the headline of this post and think “Isn’t pushing products and services more suited to traditional advertising? Won’t my fans get annoyed if I try to sell them something on social media?” Yes, that’s true — seeing nothing but “buy, buy, buy” or “call now for appointment” on your social media pages is a quick way to get a patient or fan to disengage.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t sell through social media, it just takes a different approach — one based on personal connection and empowering patients. In fact, it can be even more effective than traditional advertising because when you sell a dental product or service through education and building trust, you not only create a sale, you increase the likelihood of that patient becoming an advocate for your practice. Here are a few reasons you should be sharing about your products and services on social media:

1. Keep Patients Informed About What’s New and Interesting in Dentistry

Unfortunately, many dentists think talking about dentistry on social media would bore their fans. Not true! Modern dentistry is incredibly fascinating! You can share about your practice’s latest equipment, products, and procedures in a way that will captivate and inform patients and fans. For example, you could create a video of your team members showing off your latest whitening tech:

Live demo now for our Glo Whitening system! #gloattheshow

Posted by The Landing Dental Spa on Sunday, August 21, 2016


2. Demonstrate Your Commitment to Patient Education and Providing the Best Treatment

By giving patients and fans details about your products and services, you empower them to make the right choices for their dental health. Provide your thoughts on the benefits and drawbacks of treatments you provide, and what options patients have to address dental issues.

3. Generate Interest in Your Services and Set Appointments

If getting dental treatment done has been at the back of patient or fan’s mind for a while, all it might take is one great post explaining the benefits of whitening or Invisalign, for example, to get them to finally make the decision. Share how proud you are to offer the latest in dental services and how much they can improve people’s lives.

For starters, do you offer GLO Science whitening in your practice? We’ve put together a free package that includes content for your blog, social media post images and Social Signs you can use to promote it in-practice and online! Learn more and download by clicking the link below!