The 5 Best Dental Facebook Post Ideas To Increase Reach

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The 5 Best Dental Facebook Posts To Try This Week

Posting daily to your practice’s Facebook page is important to your online presence, but on some days you just don’t feel like you have the time. Check out these 5 dental Facebook post ideas for dentists you can do in 10 minutes or less!

Providing great content on a regular basis is a crucial part of maintaining a vibrant, active dental social media presence. We recommend posting something to your practice Facebook page every day! Just make sure that you are posting the right kind of content, content that gets tons of engagement and reach.

But between treating patients, administrative duties, and all the other little things that interrupt your schedule, you might reach the end of the day and think “I just don’t have time to do anything for social media today.”

Your daily posts don’t have to be anything elaborate to be effective. We’ve found that the best dental Facebook posts are simple, fun, and focused on people. They help patients and fans connect with you on a personal level, building relationships and making them more likely to introduce your practice to family and friends.


Check out the 5 best dental Facebook posts that you and your team members can put together in just a few minutes:


1. Highlight a Charity Your Practice Participates In

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Show patients, fans and prospective patients that you’re a practice that sees the bigger picture and knows the importance of community involvement. Explain in a few sentences how you participate in your charity, and include one of their articles or videos.

2. Snap and Share a Team Photo
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Our client practices consistently report that one of the best dental Facebook posts that will kickstart social media engagement is by sharing photos of team members. When patients become familiar with your team and are engaged on a personal level in return, you strengthen the relationships that allow your practice to thrive.

3. Tell a Joke
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One of the main reasons people go on social media is to have fun and entertainment, just look at TikTok! Don’t be afraid to show some humor on your Facebook page — it’s not a medical journal. You can provide value to your patients and fans just by making them smile!

4. Choose a Patient of the Day
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Make a patient the star of your practice for the day by snapping and sharing a photo with them! It’s a small, simple way to show that your team is focused on building lifelong healthcare relationships and going the extra mile for your patients. You can obtain written permission to share the photo with this free downloadable HIPAA consent form.

5. Do a Team Member Spotlight
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Share a few interesting facts and things you appreciate about one of your team members in a spotlight post! The more familiar prospective patients are with your team and practice culture, the more comfortable they will be calling or visiting for the first time.

A great process and schedule for this is to choose one awesome team member per month, write a blog post about them and then post an image with a link to your social media accounts. This creates a link from your Facebook post back to your website. It’s a simple way to encourage people to come to your website and it’s great for dental SEO. Team member spotlights are some of the best dental Facebook posts because your patients have relationships with them, which means higher engagement.


Don’t overthink yourself out of posting something to your practice’s Facebook page every day. I promise that you can find the time to improve your social media marketing. Keep in mind that people like doing business with people they know personally, so share simple things about yourselves and why you love serving patients — with just the right dash of dental content mixed in.

We encourage you to take a few minutes and implement the best dental Facebook posts this week. You’ll be amazed at how well these work to reach your community, find new patients, and increase your followers.

Learn more about how to create effective, shareable content with our free ebook below!


Find New Patients Using The Best Dental Facebook Posts

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