These Practices Turned Some Floss Into Great Social Media Videos

By May 11, 2017 January 28th, 2021 No Comments

We challenged dental teams to find out which of their team members could unravel a box of floss the fastest for a chance to win a prize. And in the process, they discovered how much patients and fans loved seeing them have a little fun together!

You may have recently seen our “Floss Race” giveaway posts on Facebook and Instagram. We gave dental practices the chance to win prize packs for participating in a fun practice activity — seeing which of their team members could unravel floss the fastest!

Why? Beyond just having a chance to win a prize, we also wanted participants to discover the branding and marketing power of sharing videos that showcase your practice culture. When you show the lighthearted, human, fun side of your team, you help current patients, potential patients and fans connect with you on a personal level — and people like doing business with people they feel they know personally. Plus, when patients and fans Like, comment on, or share one of your videos, they increase the chances that their own friends and family will see it. This introduces your practice to more of the people most likely to become new patients, through sources they know and trust. It’s the best kind of social media marketing!

We looked at entry videos that practices had posted on their own pages, and found that they were not only helping to build relationships, but attract new patients as well!

Meslin Pediatric & Family Dentistry brightened their fans’ day with their video, and even reminded at least one to floss:

Fans of Cornerstone Family Dentistry commented with how much they liked seeing their dental team have fun together:

Longoria Dentistry received a lot of Likes on their video, helping boost its reach among patients’ friends and family:

Having fun together with your team and sharing videos with fans is a simple secret of social media success. As you show that your team strives to build personal, lifelong healthcare relationships, your patients will be more likely to introduce you to family and friends — helping you grow your audience and your business.

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