Dare to Leave Your Social Media Comfort Zone (feat. Tracy Driver)

Social media allows us to cherry-pick the moments of our lives we want to show publicly. But the posts that truly help people connect with us (and your dental practice) are often unscripted, imperfect, and out of our comfort zones.

We’ve got a special treat for you today on Dental Digital Marketing Discussions! You may have seen Tracy Driver featured in some of the client example videos we share on our Facebook page, specifically the hit Dubsmash videos from the practice of Patricia A. London, DDS! These short clips, many of which are featured in the interview, have reached hundreds of thousands of people and helped create a ton of local buzz around their practice.

My Social Practice partner Jack Hadley had the opportunity to speak with Tracy about her new social media stardom and how she balances it with her duties at the practice’s front desk. Listen as she shares useful insights you can apply to your practice’s own social media strategy, such as:

  • Dropping the “need to be perfect” and leaving your comfort zone
  • Being original and highlighting what makes your team unique
  • Having a “patient first” mindset in your marketing efforts

As Tracy told us later,

“Establishing a PATIENT FIRST marketing campaign where we feature front and center the talents and personalities of our patients gives our ‘Monday Bites’ posts a huge value. By not making ourselves the center of attention, we clearly demonstrate who is REALLY at the heart of our practice, THE PATIENTS!”

Learn more about Tracy and the excellent dental team she’s a part of at DrPatriciaLondon.com.

Shooting fun, quick videos with your team like this practice does is one of the best ways to create engaging social media content. Learn more about how to create content that helps new patients find you in our free ebook below!

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