Secrets of Brand Building — For Dentists (feat. Michael Arias)

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We’re excited for you to see this edition of Dental Digital Marketing Discussions! We had the privilege of hearing from dental consultant Michael Arias about the most effective ways for practices to build their brand and reputation.

Michael brings a unique perspective to dental marketing. Earlier in his career, he helped launch a health food company by using ground marketing tactics — spreading the word out in public, face-to-face, engaging potential customers and influencers at events and gatherings. When asked for help by a friend in the dental industry, he applied his marketing skills to connecting dental practices with prospective patients, with surprising results!

Listen as Jack and Michael discuss the power of a great brand and how to steer the growth of your dental practice’s reputation:

  • Recognize that your brand is not your logo or colors, but what patients say about you
  • Start by strengthening your reputation at the local level
  • Create a relationship-based marketing strategy uniquely suited to your dental practice

Find out more about how Michael helps bring practices and their ideal patients together at and subscribe to his podcast, featuring more great minds from the dental industry!

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