Why “Giving” Practices Grow

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Being a truly great dental practice isn’t just about treating patients — it’s about creating a business that uplifts the lives of everyone around you.

We’re so proud to work with hundreds of dental teams that have taken this idea to heart. These practices actively search for opportunities to serve individuals AND their communities, all the while building a practice culture that team members, patients and fans are proud to share, recommend, and send referrals to.

And with smart integration of social media into their charitable efforts, the love they put into their communities truly comes back to them through increased top-of-mind awareness, goodwill and strengthened patient relationships.

Every month, we focus on a topic or two that we know is central to transforming and growing your practice using social media. Our goal is to distill the very best thinking and tools — then make them applicable and practical for dental practices, and available to you.

During November, we’ll be talking about the remarkable power of gratitude, giving and service in building a thriving dental practice.


“Giving” Is More Than Just Donations

In an interview with My Social Practice, dentist Dr. Craig Spodak said:

“I do believe that the ultimate purpose of a business is to provide compassion, trust, and love… We’re not in business just to make money — money is the consequence of doing something with love. Everything we do [in our practice] is born from wanting to create a sense of community, whether that community is within our office or the community that we serve.”

Now we know what a lot of you are thinking: “Sure, that sounds nice. But unless it’s going to improve my bottom line I can’t make it a priority.”

So let us share with you four ways that giving back to your community builds your practice in very real, pragmatic, and noticeable ways.

4 Reasons to Be a Giving Practice

1. Service is a remarkable way to stand out.

Yes, you strive to provide great treatment and customer service, but so does every other dental practice. Seeing your team in action doing good for others is something potential patients will remember.

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2. Boost team spirit and unity.

Nielsen reports that 67 percent of employees strongly prefer to work for a company that is contributing to the greater good. And happy team members means a better patient experience.

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3. You develop relationships with other local businesses and organizations through service.

Many of our client practices have reported new patients finding them through other unrelated local businesses they had previously reached out to or collaborated with.

4. Raise awareness of your practice through social media and local media coverage.

Service events are ideal storytelling opportunities — perfect for snapping and sharing lots of photos and videos, and easily generating engaging, shareable social media content.

Many of our client practices have garnered news stories in just this way with local television and radio stations.

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And as always we’d like to thank you, our valued clients and friends, for your attitudes of gratitude, and for working to make dentistry and the social media associated with it forces for good in your communities.


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