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Dental Marketing Case Study — Premier Dental Clear Lake!

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Dental Marketing Case Study — Premier Dental Clear Lake

Congratulations to our December Practice of the Month — Premier Dental Clear Lake!

It’s been an eventful year for the team at Premier Dental Clear Lake in Houston, Texas. From recovering after Hurricane Harvey to having one of the biggest social media success stories of the year, they’ve demonstrated compassion, enthusiasm, and a deep connection to their community through what they do in-practice and online.

Dental Marketing Case Study

We especially would like to highlight a series of events that started with a video they posted, which was so popular you may have already seen it:

facebook posting ideas for dentists

It started when Dr. Mauricio Rodriguez posted his video review for a dental product he saw a commercial for called the “Perfect Smile Veneers.” His simple yet hilarious video racked up more than 8 million views and 48,000 shares, gaining his practice national attention!

Among those who saw the video was a young mother named Kelsey, who commented that she appreciated the humor of the review, but was also saddened as it reminded her of the years she had to hide her smile because of chronic dental issues. Touched by her comment, Dr. Rodriguez reached out to Kelsey and other dental professionals to give her a complete smile makeover at no cost.

dental social media posts

As the story gained more traction, a local news station picked it up and ran a segment on Dr. Rodriguez and Kelsey, introducing the practice to thousands more ideal potential patients in the area.

dental charity ideas

What started as a simple, funny video recorded on a team member’s smartphone turned into an incredible opportunity to do good, build their practice’s online presence and help new patients find them. It’s a perfect example of what can happen when you and your dental team are willing to participate in social media, have a little fun and connect with patients and fans on a personal level.

We reached out to Anna Greif, executive assistant at Premier Dental Clear Lake, for more insight into what social media marketing strategies have helped them grow their practice. Take something to apply in your own office!

Q&A With Executive Assistant Anna Greif

(Responses edited for length and clarity.)

Which type of content do you find gets the most engagement with fans?

“Our followers enjoy non-dental funny videos, in particular ones that include staff — like the press-on veneer review video that we made. Finding the time and creativity to come with video ideas that include staff and patients is sometimes challenging, but it helps set us apart from other offices.”

How has your use of social media benefited your patients and practice?

“I believe our social media presence really shows patients that we are available, and that we want to connect with them as friends. Our office does a good job of posting consistently, and really giving people insight into our personality. And of course, when we create things that people want to share, it earns visibility for our practice!”

What would you recommend to a practice just starting out with social media marketing?

“Schedule out posts in advance! We have started scheduling our posts through the My Social Practice Publisher. When we have something more unique or an idea that pops up during the day, we use those as fillers in between scheduled posts. Be real, and show your followers what your practice is all about!”

dentistry social media marketing

Thanks for sharing, Anna! We look forward to seeing how you grow your practice with social media in 2018!

It’s true that it can be difficult to find the time to post something daily. Our Social Media Publisher makes it easy! My Social Practice clients have access to the world’s largest library of dental-related social media content, with images and pre-written captions you can customize to fit your audience. Plus, you can schedule posts in advance to go out to your accounts when you choose! Get a free demo of the Publisher today!

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