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How Dental Influencer Marketing Got This Practice 5 New Patients

By February 25, 2020November 11th, 2021No Comments

Dental practices everywhere are raising their profiles and obtaining new patients through dental influencer marketing! Check out the amazing results from this Florida practice, and how influencer marketing can work for you!

Dentists are using Instagram more effectively than ever to spread the word about their practice! But here’s the key: They’re leveraging the star power of local opinion leaders who already have the trust and attention of thousands online.

It’s called dental influencer marketing, and the world’s leading brands (as well as dental practices) are starting to discover that it’s the most effective way to advertise, no question.

Now, My Social Practice is proud to offer our exclusive Instagram influencer marketing program specifically focused on helping dental professionals raise their profile and attract new patients!

Dental Influencer Marketing

For example, My Social Practice recently connected a dental practice in Florida with a local micro-influencer with about 18,000 followers. We handled all the details of creating a contract with the influencer, who agreed to create a set number of posts and stories on Instagram promoting the practice.

Then, the influencer set an appointment with the dentist in which she would receive teeth whitening free of charge, and afterwards, she created stories and posts on Instagram, telling her thousands of fans about her great experience at the practice.

Over 15,000 people were introduced to the practice, and five new patients called in just the next week, mentioning that they had seen her posts!

marketing for dentists online

Plus, the influencer did a great job engaging with her audience in the comments and telling everyone about how awesome her experience was at the office.

Here’s what marketing expert Jennilyn Talbot had to say about her experience helping dental practices collaborate with micro-influencers:

“I’ve actually worked in the dental world. I started when I was 15 in offices, and I’ve done a lot of marketing for offices. This kind of reach is untouchable by anything else that we’ve done.”

“You can actually utilize voices on Instagram and social media that already have this really awesome reputation to talk about you specifically and how you’re going to bless their lives. This is brand new and it’s where your marketing dollar gets the biggest bang for its buck.”

“This is why people are joining dental practices or making purchases. This is how a consumer is making their decisions.”

Influencer marketing is the future of word-of-mouth online. Click the link below to learn more about how easy it is to get started with My Social Practice!

My Social Practice Dental Influencer Marketing