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dental website design case study_Dr. Valerie Preston_My Social Practice


“My new SEO optimized website from My Social Practice has helped us double our new patients each month!”

My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - dental website design case study



My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - dental website design case study



My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - dental website design case study



My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - dental website design case study



Why Dr. Preston Chose My Social Practice for her Dental Website Design and SEO

Dr. Preston has been practicing dentistry for more than 20 years. During that time she had hired several dental marketing agencies to build and manage her website and SEO.

A problem that she kept running into was using one company to manage her website and another to do her SEO. Not only was it difficult for Dr. Preston to connect and coordinate between the companies, but it was difficult for each of the companies to perform the tasks necessary. So closely connected is website design, development and SEO, that splitting the responsibilities between two companies can cause confusion and increase costs.

Having a new dental website built by the same company that was going to manage the SEO optimization, allowed for My Social Practice to increase time management benefits and cut costs.

dental website design case study_My Social Practice

Dental website design case study_Dental Websites by My Social Practice

Dental Website Designs Built on WordPress

Dr. Preston has been in business long enough to have paid website companies, more than once, to build her a website. Learn from her mistake and see why she wanted her new website on WordPress.

Wordpress is one of the most prolific website building platforms on the planet. It's called an open source platform because it allows anyone to build applications and plugins for the system.

For example, there are dozens of office-tour plugins. You don’t have to build one from scratch. All you do is download the plugin, activate it, and viola! Your’e done. Take a look at Dr. Preston’s Office Tour Page, or her before and after page.

Both of these are examples of free plugins. Why pay a dental website company to build plugins from scratch, when they’re free on WordPress?


Dr. Preston Paid $0 in Dental Website Design Fees

Website design is a whole lot different in 2022 than it was five to ten years ago. Patients expect visual elements to be front and center, with authentic photography, video, social media postings, virtual tours, live chat, online scheduling, and all to be integrated in a seamless way. Websites from a few years ago could include these elements but a lot of the work was required to build from the ground up.

dental website design case study_Dental website by My Social Practice

Today, dental website design and development is so streamlined that, frankly, you shouldn't have to pay up front costs for dental website design.

When we built Dr. Preston’s site we used a website development methodology called agile web development, which focuses on making edits, updates, and adjustments on the fly. It’s a development process that creates a fantastic product at reduced time investment.

When we combine agile website development with the WordPress platform, we’re able to cut costs to almost nothing. This is how Dr. Preston got her new website for free!


WordPress Websites Integrate with About Everything

When we build websites on WordPress, they easily integrate with almost any third party application. For example:

  • Patients forms
  • Scheduling
  • Virtual consultations
  • Payments
  • Live chat

When applications like these mentioned above are built, simple integration with WordPress is built. Integration are seamless and require almost no development time. There is no need to pay for development to integrate applications. In today’s website development world, almost everything is drag and drop.

Dental website design case study_Websites by My Social Practice

dental website design case study_Website by My Social Practice

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Dental Website Design Case Study Results

After building and launching Dr. Preston’s website she asked that we begin a website SEO campaign to help her rank higher in the one place new patients were finding her, the Google map.

Her goal? Increase phone calls for cosmetic patients.

What is a Google Map SEO Report?

The results on the Google map change depending on the location of the patient searching. So, if you’re standing in your practice with your phone in hand, open up Google maps, and search ‘dentist near me’; your practice is likely to come up pretty high on the map. Why? Google sees that you’re standing in a dental practice and looking for a dentist near you. It would make sense that your practice shows up first.

Now get in your car and drive three miles in any direction from your practice, and do the same search. Your business listing is probably not going to be at the top of the Google map any longer. This happens because Google is giving you a result for a ‘near me’ search and you’re no longer standing in your practice.

dental website design case study_VP dental_Website design by my social practice

The GIF displayed here is VP Dental’s first year of monthly Google map ranking reports for the keyword ‘cosmetic dentist’. Their practice is dead center on the grid. Each colored node is a half mile from the next one. When we started the optimization almost every node was RED, not good; but each month the red nodes turn yellow and then more and more green.

Building a new website on WordPress combined with an effective Google Maps SEO campaign, is how Dr. Preston doubled her new patients.