3 Questions To Help You Determine If Your Dental Practice Is Ready For Social Media Marketing

By January 23, 2012 September 5th, 2021 4 Comments


  • Kelly Larson says:

    Well put. It is easy for practices to feel they have to jump in and to feel overwhelmed or not prepared. Great points.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Kelly, for your supportive comment. Yes, it can feel very overwhelming for a dental practice. It’s tempting to just “farm it out”, sit back, and think it’s taken care of. But it nearly as difficult as it seems if a practice will just devote a few minutes a day. Thanks again.

  • Nat says:

    Hi Thanks for posting this Jack, couldnt agree more!
    I have been looking at rolling out a social media service for dentists and its not easy to get the pricing right!
    There is a lot of work involved, yes interactions are the main thing but writing a useful compelling post takes time and time costs money, that’s why training the practice to manage it is the best thing to do but they may need some coaching…
    Hope all is well accross the pond!
    Happy July 4th