Better Ensuring That Your Text Donations Are Accepted

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AGAIN AND AGAIN, THANKS FOR YOUR AWESOME EFFORTS in making this year’s Smiles For Life campaign a huge success.

Now that we’re about a month into the campaign, we’ve compiled a list of things to help you be sure your text donations are coming through properly. We’ve had a few practices call with concerns about error messages received and/or donations not being accepted.

Also, the items below can help explain why some of the donations that you may think were made, were not actually made.

Here’s a checklist of things to pay careful attention to:

1. Make sure your patients CONFIRM their donation.

In several cases, team members have assumed that the person texting the donation confirmed the donation—when in fact, they hadn’t. This has resulted in a number of donations where the practice thinks the donation was made… But in fact, it didn’t go through (see image below).

2. Make sure your patients include a SPACE between the word “Smile” and your practice number.

Also see image below for explanation.

This is the confirmation we see (not your practice) for the donation above:

3. Don’t assume everyone does what they say they’ll do.

We don’t mean to sound negative, but it’s only human nature. In a number of cases, there have been patients who say (while in their dental practice) that they will donate “as soon as they get home” or “in the car”, etc., and it just doesn’t happen. We’re not slamming on people… We’re all forgetful, etc. Many times we’ve found those “promised” donations do not show up on mGive’s donation report.

4. Cell phone carrier rules differ, and individual text plans vary.

Different cell phone providers have different rules for texting donations. According to our research, the system should work for every U.S. carrier. However, providers vary in how many times they allow texting, and what security filters may be in place.

5. Different cell phones have different security settings.

In some cases we’ve had reports where an individual has preferred settings in place on his or her phone that do NOT allow the phone to receive texts from unrecognized numbers. In those cases, the person texting will usually get an error message—however, that’s not a definite given either. It’s possible that someone could send the initial text, believe that the donation went through, then simply NOT SEE the confirmation message. And again, if they don’t see the confirmation message, they can’t confirm the donation and it won’t go through.

All In All, The System Works Marvelously!

We hope this list doesn’t scare you! No need to worry! Onward!

However, after doing all you can based on the ideas above, if you believe you’re still having a problem, we’d like to help you. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Have somebody on your team text a donation.
  2. Screen capture it on the cell phone.
  3. Confirm back, and screen capture the validation you receive.
  4. Record the cell phone number used, and the date/time of the donation.
  5. Email those items to Dru at the Crown Council.

We will do the research and confirm that the donation was received at mGive and that your practice was credited for the donation. Then, we will reply to your email with that confirmation.

Thanks again for your great efforts! Be sure to share the video on your Facebook timeline OFTEN!!!!! Several times each week is NOT too much!