Additional Blog Kickstart Templates!

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WE’RE EXCITED THAT MANY OF YOU, during these first couple of beta-test weeks, have submitted personalized blog posts using our new Blog Kickstart Templates! Here’s a quick reminder about some of the benefits of using these templates.

Social Media Isn’t Something You “Have”. It’s Something You “Do”.

As our valued client, we work every day to provide you with a good mix of things we can do for you AND coaching you on the things YOU can and NEED to do. Remember, social media marketing isn’t something you just write a check for and forget about. Doing so may work for a billboard campaign (for example), but not with social media marketing strategy. EFFECTIVE social media marketing is participatory. We’re just making it easier for you.

YOUR Voice Is The Most Effective Voice

The very best “mix” of posts includes content that comes from us (which is more universal), AND some content that comes from you. Remember, in the end YOU are the lead singer and we are your backup.

We Show You How. We Make It Easy.

Some templates can be completed in just a couple of minutes as most of the content is already there. Some templates only require that you add a quote or a small amount of text. Others require a little more of your time, and/or answering more extensive questions. And of course, there is a blank template where you can create your own post from scratch.

A Few New Ones We’ve Just Added



“Getting To Better Know Our Awesome Dental Assistant, (name here)”

“What Dr. (name here) Loves Most About Being A Dentist”

“Dr. (your name here) Creates Gorgeous Smile Makeovers”

Blank Template