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An Awesome Opportunity To Give Back Through Smiles For Life!

By January 29, 2013July 26th, 202215 Comments


  • Stephanie Galgano says:

    I was wondering – does the practice charge patients for the teeth whitening and that money is then designated to Smile For Life and the designated local charity? Just trying to figure out how it all works.

    Thank you,

    • Jack Hadley says:

      Great question, Stephanie. When your patient pays for teeth whitening, they write their check directly to the Smiles For Life Foundation, not to the dental practice. Fifty percent of the donations are earmarked for each dental practice’s local charity partner, and the balance goes to the Smiles For Life Foundation to be distributed to worthy and approved children’s charities across the U.S., Canada and worldwide. If your practice does NOT choose a local charity, then 100% of the donation goes to the foundation for helping children’s charities. If you DO designate a local charity, at the end of the campaign, the Smiles For Life Foundation cuts a check to your designated charity for 50% of the money raised, and then sends that check to your practice so that YOU can give it to them. It’s a great opportunity to take a photo and let your community know how much you care. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    • yes. Philips provides the whitening material; you provide the professional service and 100% of the money you would have charged the patient for whitening is contributed to the Smiles for Life Foundation. From the funds contributed, your practice can designate 50% of the funds raised to a local charity of your choice. You’re welcome to call me if you have more questions: (800) 276-9658 or greg@smilesforlife.org.

  • Sandy Fussner, RDH says:

    Hi Jack, Our practice participates with MySocialPractice and find it rewarding on many levels. We are interested in participating in the Smiles For Life program. Just one question…do we charge a certain set fee established through the Smiles For Life program or do we charge our usual and customary whitening fees? Possibly I missed seeing the answer in the summary of how the program works.
    Thanks for your follow up. We look forward to joining Smiles For Life.

    • Jack Hadley says:

      Thanks for your question, Sandy. And A BIG THANKS for considering Smiles For Life. I will have the Crown Council director, Greg Anderson, contact you directly to go over those specifics. He is over the Smiles For Life Foundation. We help with marketing, but I don’t know all the answers to those kinds of questions. I would hate to steer you wrong. I have your contact info here at our office and will have Greg Anderson call you on Tuesday. Thanks again for being our client too!

    • Jack Hadley says:

      Hi Sandy. Does Greg Anderson’s comment below help answer your questions?

  • David says:

    Hi, any plans to extend this internationally? I am based in Australia.
    Thanks David

    • Jack Hadley says:

      Thanks for your question, David. The Crown Council has members in Australia, so I’m guessing the answer is “Yes”. I will pass along your question to The Smiles For Life Foundation and get back to you. And thanks for your interest!

  • Lisa Rangel says:

    Hi Jack,
    I had the same question as Sandy about the fee charged to the patient for whitening. Also, is there a specific date that this is being held? week? or month?

    • Jack Hadley says:

      Hi Lisa. I should have an answer shortly. As to your second question, the Smiles For LIfe campaign runs from March 1st through June 30th.

    • Jack Hadley says:

      Hi again, Lisa. Did you see Greg Anderson’s reply below? Do you have any other questions?

  • Thanks for all the great questions about Smiles for Life. I’m Greg Anderson and I’m the President of the Smiles for Life Foundation and am happy to answer any specific questions. You can contact me directly at greg@crowncouncil.com. One recurring question is about the amount you charge for whitening. This is totally up to you. A majority of Smiles for Life Participating practices ask for an amount something less than what they normally charge…but it’s totally up to the practice.
    The Whitening material is provided as a gift from Philips Oral Healthcare. They provide all of their Zoom Take-Home or Zoom Chairside kits. All of the marketing material is also provided to you…all of which was created (including the Social Media campaign) by our great friends at MYSOCIALPRACTICE. I hope this is helpful!

  • Dana says:

    I we participate, do we have to commit to the entire March through June period? Could we do free whitening for 1-2 months instead? It just seems like a long time to give up a profitable service of our practice.

    • You may designate all or part of the four month period. There are many many practices that participate in Smiles for Life that contribute this service all year round. It’s totally up to you. The FREE whitening material from Philips, however, is only available for March-June.