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Dental Marketing Case Study

Dental Marketing Case Study – Social Media For Dentists: Dr. Ulmer

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Dr. Ulmer and her team practice general and cosmetic dentistry in Spokane, Washington. Here at My Social Practice, we just love working with them. They’re always friendly, flexible, and excited to try new suggestions—traits that carry over into their interactions with both patients and prospective patients, and contribute to the warm responses they get on Facebook and on their blog.

A Little Can Go A Long Way With Thoughtful Social Media For Dentists

Dr. Ulmer’s practice shows us that huge gestures aren’t necessary when it comes to sharing practice culture. Dr. Ulmer says, “It has surprised me how simple and small gestures will connect us with our patients. We get a tremendous response when we post pictures and comments that come from the things that happen every day in our practice.”

With simple posts here and there—fun from the office, photos from a recent vacation, etc.—patients get a glimpse behind the scenes at a truly patient-centric practice.

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Effective Social Media For Dentists Takes Getting The Team Involved

Social media is more fun for your practice when the whole team is involved. Not only do you suddenly have more to share, but when your whole team is advocating social media every patient can leave your office excited to connect with the practice.

Don’t think it comes easy, though. Dr. Ulmer told us, “We are focusing on training and scripting, targeting every patient visit and reminding people they can enter a drawing for a cool prize by connecting with us online. It is more natural for some but we are trying to encourage everyone to be involved.

Very few patients will follow you online because they simply love dentistry—it’s your team they connect with! Give fans what they want with fun team features and news.

Dr. Ulmer Does A Great Job Of Featuring Team Members

You can click on each image to read the posts:

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dentist social media

Steady Wins The Race

There are times when social media is fun and easy, and other times when you simply can’t think of anything to say! Dr. Ulmer told us that her office appreciates having those gaps filled in with blog posts and kickstarts from My Social Practice.

Social media isn’t a sprint; it’s a slow and steady marathon. When you persist, you’ll see the reward of greater patient loyalty, decreased attrition, greater case acceptance and increased practice equity over time.

We Asked Dr. Ulmer…

We asked Dr. Ulmer what their team does in the office to move forward their social media efforts. She said,“We are starting from the beginning with the instructional videos on what a social media campaign is and how it’s different from other forms of advertising. With our promotions going right now, every staff member is encouraged to reach out and invite patients to connect.”

Lesson Learned: Training your team really works when you make it a priority.

When we asked Dr. Ulmer to share her thoughts about the biggest benefits of social media for THEIR PATIENTS, she replied,“People have a direct connection to our office. They get interesting facts from our kickstarts and good information from our blog posts that keeps them in contact with dentistry and what we do in our office. Patients comment in our office that they like to read the daily posts and occasionally have commented on the information posted in our blog.”

Lesson Learned: A thoughtful social media content platform shows your patients that you care about them and their health.

When we asked Dr. Ulmer to share her thoughts about the biggest benefits of social media for THEIR PRACTICE, she replied,“We have had amazing support from My Social Practice that has really streamlined our efforts to connect. Gaps in our individualized, personalized posts have been filled in with fun information that has kept up the activity level on our Facebook page. We get posts from people that I am surprised are connected—it’s neat to see them engaged!”

Lesson Learned: Consistency really is an important key.

We asked Dr. Ulmer what the HARDEST part of social media marketing is for them. She told us, “It is hard to come up with unique things to say or do about who we are as individuals and a group. We are slowly realizing all of the things we can do to connect but I know we miss opportunities every day still.”

Lesson Learned: Always be looking for smart content in your daily activities.

We asked which tools and resources from My Social Practice have been the most helpful. Dr. Ulmer replied,“The consistent content and regular communication about what opportunities are available. I have had amazing support and help getting each step of the process set up and operational. Everyone I have talked to has been so helpful—they have a great team! I also have really enjoyed the many other media resources and bloggers recommended in the training on their site. I enjoy reading daily posts about different aspects of business from a non-dental perspective.”

Lesson Learned: We love being able to filter social media through a dental marketing lens AND introducing our clients to new dental social media marketing resources that will help them.

Congratulations again to Dr. Ulmer and team. Keep up the great work!

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