4 Steps To Smart Emotional Content On Your Dental Social Media Platform

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INFORMATION ALONE RARELY MOTIVATES anybody to do much of anything. That’s because there’s no emotion or passion tied to it. It’s not human. In your dental social media marketing efforts, are you connecting with your patients and prospective patients on an emotional, personal level?

Don’t get me wrong… When I say “personal level” I’m not saying you need to tell everyone in the world that you had a Reuben sandwich for lunch and it gave you heartburn. What I am saying is that people like doing business with people they know and like on a personal level—and being warm, transparent, humble, and imperfect are traits that human beings like in other human beings.

Figure Out Your Own Comfort Levels In Your Dental Social Media Marketing Strategy

I’m also not suggesting that everyone should have the same comfort level when it comes to the emotional content you share on your dental social media platform. That’s up to you. You need to give it some thought. However, I am suggesting that you push yourself out of your comfort zone. When executed thoughtfully, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Would you be comfortable sharing a visit you had to the hospital ER? Our client and friend, Dr. Michael Knight was comfortable sharing (you rock, Dr. Knight) and it resulted in an outpouring of love and support from his patient base, as shown below:

dental social media

Action Item:

If you’re already one of our clients, and if you haven’t already done this, start by utilizing our Blog Kickstart Templates to quickly and easily create a few basic, personal blogs posts such as “What Dr. (your name here) Loves Most About Being A Dentist”. If you’ve already utilized that particular post template, choose other templates and create more personal posts. In fact, our recommendation is that you do a personal post at least once or twice a month. We make it quick for you with our templates… And, we do all the formatting, image research, and posting for you.

If you’re not one of our clients, here are four simple steps to sharing more emotional, personal content with your patient base and prospective new patients:

  1. If you don’t have one, you can start a blog in minutes. My recommendation is to use
  2. Be sure you have a “Subscribe” call to action on your blog to build readership within your patient base. Personal, emotional content is of little value if you don’t have a systematic way to distribute it. I recommend MailChimp.
  3. Meet with your team once a month with the specific goal of identifying two or three personal, emotional topics for blog posts such as “Getting To Better Know Our Awesome Dental Assistant, Cheri Settelmeyer” or “How I Saved One Patient’s Life”.
  4. Be sure to use your outposts, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to generate more engagement and to point patients and prospective patients back to your blog content.

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