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Dental Marketing Case Study

Dental Marketing Case Study – Kraner Family Dentistry

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dental marketing case study

Congratulations to Our Social Media For Dentists September Practice of the Month!

KRANER FAMILY DENTISTRY, located in Wentzville, Missouri, is a family practice in more ways than one. Yes, they provide excellent dental care for the entire family, but they also go out of their way to make sure their patients feel like valued members of their “dental family”—and their social media efforts are proof.

We’d like to share some tips from Kraner Family Dentistry about how your practice can make your patients feel like an important, contributing part of your practice too.

Be Consistent

Through their social media efforts, Kraner Family Dentistry demonstrates that regular, meaningful interactions with their patients don’t have to be difficult or time consuming, even if they are looking forward to get the smallest treatments like tooth eruption treatments. When we asked them to reveal an “a-ha moment” they’ve had since starting to use social media in their practice, they said, “We have really been able to keep in touch with our patients on a consistent basis! It can be quick and easy, and the interaction with them is really enjoyable!

Kraner Family Dentistry’s consistency, despite their busy schedule, regularly reminds their patients how valued they are to the practice.

Don’t Forget To Be Personal

social media marketing for dentists

Social media is not a one way street. If you want to get to know your patients, give them opportunities to get to know you—and be personal! In response to a question about how social media benefits the patient, Dr. Kraner said, “It shows the patients another side of the office. Many of our patients have a strong social relationship with us, but others don’t. This gives us the chance to really interact with them in a different way than we might in the office.

And, as evidenced by the Facebook post above, personal posts (ones that have nothing to do with dentistry) are very popular. Makes sense, too. Don’t you feel important/valued when a friends shares something personal with you?

Make Patients Valuable Contributors To Your Practice’s Culture

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When we asked Kraner Family Dentistry if social media has helped them improve the relationship they have with their patients, they said, “Absolutely.” When we asked how, they said, “Sometimes it’s hard to quantify. We have gotten more patients, but really, it’s more than that. It fits in with our culture. It’s another way for us to show our patients what we’re all about.

When Kraner Family Dentistry shares their practice culture (“what they’re all about”) with their patients, they invite them to be a part of it—a contributing member of their “dental family”—and that can go a long way in building trust and friendship.

Special Events Make Patients Feel Special

Whether it’s organizing a contest with the grand prize of an Amazon Kindle or taking their whole “dental family” to see the movie Planes before it comes out in theaters, Dr. Kraner and his team go the extra mile to make sure their patients feel special. The coolest part about this is that it made their PATIENTS feel like the heroes—not just Kraner Family Dental—when patients had the “inside track”. When you build up the importance of others, it returns to your practice in spades. 

Dr. Kraner recently rented a theatre for their patients to bring neighbors, friends, extended family, and coworkers to preview Planes.

dentist social media
dental marketing

And their efforts using social media to do a little more have been very successful. About the Planes event they organized, they said, “We reached out on Facebook and it was a huge success for us, the patients loved it!


We Asked Dr. Kraner…

We asked Dr. Kraner what the hardest part of social media marketing for dentists is. He told us: Making sure we discuss it with all of the patients who come in to the office. It can be easy for everyone to just let their guard down and not mention the social media aspect to the patients.”

Lesson Learned: If you want to form a stronger relationship with your patients, including a stronger online relationship, you have to be bold in showing that you care. Sometimes that even involves stepping out of your comfort zone.

We wanted to know, what is the #1 benefit TO YOUR PRACTICE of your social media marketing efforts thus far?: Repeat touches to the patients. If we are in front of them on a consistent basis, that’s a great thing! It can be much less costly than other forms of touches to the patients as well, and we can do it over and over again!”

Lesson Learned: Sometimes you only get to see your patients twice a year. Social media makes it possible to “see” them, or at least to be seen by them, on a daily basis.

When we asked Dr. Kraner what he and his team do in the office to move forward their social media efforts, he said: We have quarterly contests for our Facebook fans, give-aways, daily posts to educate, especially the My Social Practice Blogs which are very professional looking.”

Lesson Learned: Social media is not just an occasional post. What you do online can be farther reaching than the internet. As proven by the efforts of Kraner Family Dentistry, social media is a great way to make your patients aware of events on and offline.

We asked what sort of feedback have you had from patients in the office about your social media. Dr. Kraner said: They love it! We have a solid group of patients that keep in touch with us on a regular basis, and we are always trying to grow that list!”

Lesson Learned: Patients DO want to stay in touch with you. Give them the chance!

We asked which tools and resources from My Social Practice have been the most helpful. Dr. Kraner replied:“The daily posts (would never be able to keep up without them), the blogs, and the contests I believe are the most valuable. We are looking forward to the next contest—we’re giving away the Kindle Fire tomorrow :)”

I would highly recommend MSP. We have enjoyed working with them, and how quickly they turn around projects for us! They are a great group to affiliate with, and we look forward to what they will think of next!”

At My Social Practice, we believe social media is not something you have, it’s something you do, and it’s our job to help you do it well—even with your busy schedule. And thank you for the compliment!

Congratulations to the awesome team at Kraner Family Dentistry!

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