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Dental Marketing Case Study

Dental Marketing Case Study – Dental Social Media Moments While Having Fun!

By August 9, 2014June 4th, 2022No Comments

Congratulations to Deerfield Dentistry, our August Practice of the Month!

dental marketing case study

DEERFIELD DENTISTRY HAS A CLOSE-KNIT TEAM! They’re Located in Alpharetta, GA. Looking around on their Facebook page and Instagram account you quickly get a feel for the fun and camaraderie each team member brings to the practice. It’s easy to tell that Deerfield Dentistry is the kind of place that patients enjoy making their “dental home”. And, it’s easy to see that they understand the power of social media by the way they take advantage of dental social media moments!

One patient said, “The dentist and his staff are professional, friendly and fun. Imagine that, having fun at the dentist’s office!

Does Your Practice Recognize “Social Media Moments”?

A lot goes on in your practice every day. You joke around, you bond with patients, your team celebrates landmark moments… But do you turn those things into “social moments” and share them?

Deerfield Dentistry takes time to think about sharing with their Facebook fans. We know that for a lot of our practices, this is a challenge. So read on for some great ideas from Deerfield Dentistry.

The Whole Staff Keeps Social On Their Minds

Mindy, the Office Manager, told us, “We all kind of keep our Facebook page in mind, and everyone is always offering great ideas for little office celebrations or highlights that might be fun to share.

Sometimes, You Have To CREATE Social Moments!

Mindy told us about a great idea for opening social media conversations.

We often ask a patient to take a staff photo for us. If we take a second to do that with an office full of patients, it usually starts a conversation about the fact we will be posting the picture to our Facebook and/or Instagram account. The ‘photo session’ usually also results in a few LIKES to our page. We are very quick about it, so as not to keep our patients waiting, and we have never had anything but positive feedback when we do it.

If It Isn’t Fun, People Won’t Participate

There’s one very important thing about social media that most businesses forget, but Deerfield Dentistry remembers… It’s original intent was to be fun. Social media wasn’t invented for advertising, or to view dental procedures. The marketing benefits are HUGE, but secondary. Your practice’s social media will sink or swim based on whether or not your team and patients enjoy participating.

If you want to get in the social swing, find ways to make it fun for your practice. Your patients love games, promos, and silly moments. AND, there are other great ways to create your own social moments in your practice:


dental marketing

A Few More Questions With Mindy:

“What’s the key to successful posts on your practice’s social media?”

Our most popular posts are always the ones that feature personal pictures and information. We are particularly proud of the fact that we are a very close knit staff. We really feel more like family than co-workers. We find that when we focus on those relationships, and include our patients in the circle of friendship, we get the very best feedback.

“What’s the main goal of social media in your practice?”

Our hope is that by getting to know us better, our patients will feel even more comfortable with us, therefore improving their entire dental experience. We want visits to our office to be a pleasant experience for each of them, not something they dread.

“What tools have you found the most helpful from My Social Practice?”

The daily kickstarts. They are a great fallback and often provide ideas for things we would not necessarily have thought to include on our page. For example, I don’t know that we would have included posts about sporting events or local hamburger joints on a dental Facebook account, but they are common interests that everyone likes to talk about.

“What advice would you give to a practice just starting out on social media?”

Be willing to share an appropriate amount of your personal lives. Getting a little silly sometimes doesn’t hurt either.

Thanks, Mindy! And congratulations to everyone at Deerfield Dentistry. Keep up the great work!

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