Dublin Metro Dental Group Rocks Social Media

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Dublin Metro Dental Group is a social media powerhouse. We love watching this practice beautifully follow an essential social media success formula—one part adventure and two parts consistency!

This practice is so awesome at expanding their reach and utilizing different tools (like LinkedIn and Instagram). But today, we want to focus on their Facebook efforts.

Daily Posting Is Important

Kishore, the business manager at Dublin Metro Dental Group told us, “In social media, consistency matters. We try to post at least 3 times a week and run one promotion every month.

Consistency can be tough. In fact, Kishore also told us that the HARDEST part of social media is posting relevant content every day. But when you put in the time and effort, you’ll start seeing great results.

Promotions, Contests, And Campaigns Keep It Interesting

However well-designed, fun, and engaging they are, daily posts can get repetitive for your team and for your patients. That’s why we provide recommended promotions and campaigns for our client practices. It gives your social media efforts the boost they need. Promotions and campaigns encourage your patients to share with their friends, family, and coworkers.


Following Through On Promotions

Your patients love to see that there IS a winner, and that you deliver on your promises! This reinforces trust in your practice, and gets patients and prospective new patients psyched for your next promotion.

Some Additional Q&A With Kishore

What’s something you’ve tried on social media that you’ve seen a lot of success with?

“We try to come up with local content and stories which are more relevant to our patient’s interest, and we always get a lot of response.”

What benefits have you seen in the office from social media?

“The office staff are more engaged with patients. The staff are explaining about promotions and helping patients be involved with what’s going on in the practice.”

What’s your favorite thing about social media?

“Social media helping us to reach patients quickly and to start conversation about oral health tips, promotions and offers.”

What sort of feedback have you gotten from patients about it?

“Patients while waiting for their services talk about how they find us and about our Facebook posts, which is really fun.”

Thanks, Kishore! And congratulations to the whole team at Dublin Metro Dental. Keep up the great work!