Dental Marketing Case Study – Dr. Hubbard and Team

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dental social media case study

Congratulations to Dr. Hubbard and team—our May Dental Social Media Practice!

Dr. Hubbard and his amazing team have been dental social media all-stars since they started using our service. In fact, you may recognize them from featured client examples in the past. This team knows how to have fun with dental social media and engage with their patients in honest, human ways.

With Dental Social Media, Always Be Genuinely You

Many of our clients wonder, what they should be talking about on social media. Just be genuine! That may mean being silly, joking around, and letting your personality shine through. Sometimes, it means being serious and speaking earnestly about those things that you’re passionate about. Dr. Hubbard and team show us excellent examples of how to do social media for dentists in a worthwhile way.

Your Fans Love Dental Social Media Because It’s Fun!

This is no secret. People will focus on your post if it looks amusing or interesting. So share your fun moments on your dental social media channels!

In addition to grabbing attention, funny moments give you that opportunity to be human and authentic, which breaks down barriers and builds trust with your fans. It makes patients feel like they know you, and gives them room to honestly connect with you.

Beth Clifton, the office manager at Dr. Hubbard’s office, says “The best thing for our patients about our team’s social media involvement is that it allows them to get to know us better. They feel more comfortable with us when they come in after seeing our posts on social media.

Showing A Silly Side Is Easier With A Dental Team

Beth told us, “We work as a team to come up with ideas for things we can do to engage with patients on social media.” During their regular dental team meetings, they include discussion of social media campaigns, and ideas for reaching out to their patients.

Their team cohesion results in amazing Facebook and Instagram posts that receive fun feedback from dental patients.

dental marketing case study

dental social media case study

dental social media

Social Media For Dentists Is About Things That Matter

Considering how much patients and fans love to be entertained you should keep your dental marketing efforts light on social media, it might be surprising that good-will initiatives and serious discussions about health get so much traction. But Dr. Hubbard’s office has seen the evidence and the benefits of dental social media for themselves.

Beth told us, “Out of all the things we’ve tried so far, we’ve seen some of the most response from asking patients to post photos of themselves kissing to promote Oral Cancer Awareness using the hashtag #kisscancergoodbye.”

The initiative had patients reaching out to the practice and to each other. While some of the stories and photos are heart-wrenching, it’s amazing to see how inviting people to help raise awareness can create a strong sense of community. Check out more of the posts here.

Keep Dental Social Media In Your Comfort Level

Some dental practices, and some dental patients, will be comfortable sharing a lot about personal lives, health struggles, and solemn topics. Others won’t want to share as much. That’s fine! Do whatever feels honest to you!

Often, The “Fun Posts” And The “Things You’re Passionate About Posts” Are One And The Same

Some More Questions And Answers With Beth:

Since you started using social media for dentists in your practice, what has been the biggest surprise?

“The biggest surprise is just the number of people who use it! And it’s amazing to see how people respond to photos and videos. I can post all day and get little response, but if we post photos we get tons of likes and comments.”

What’s the HARDEST part of social media marketing for you?

“The hardest part of social media marketing is coming up with ideas to post. That’s why we LOVE My Social Practice!!”

In your opinion, what is the #1 benefit TO YOUR PRACTICE of your social media marketing efforts thus far?

“The cost of social media marketing is so much less than traditional marketing, so we’re saving money and getting noticeable results.”

What sort of feedback have you had from patients in the office about your social media?

They love it! They comment on what we’re posting. They post their own selfies and tag us! It’s great!”

What advice would you give to a practice just starting out on social media?

My advice would be to get help. Be sure you know what is appropriate and what works. See what everybody else is doing and what is working for them.”

Among the things My Social Practice provides, what item(s) or service(s) have been the most help to you?

“The daily post ideas are the most helpful, but all of it is great! I like the seasonal cover images, the blog posts, the contest ideas. Everything!”

Congratulations to the whole team at Dr. Hubbard’s office! Keep up the great work!

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