Dental Marketing Case Study – Dr. Williams And Team!

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Congratulations To Dr. Williams & Team—Our June Practice Of The Month!

Dr. Anthony J. Williams’ practice proves that those cliche’d movie portrayals of dental care are completely out of date. Their office is a comforting, caring zone where family is the focus.

dental marketing case study

Kid-Friendly Zone

This isn’t a pediatric practice, but numerous patients comment on how great the team is with kids. This is one example of remarkable care leading to a conversation on social media. For those who don’t take time to read reviews and patient posts, the great photos on Dr. Williams’ Facebook page and Instagram profile make it clear at a glance.

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A Practice That Listens

No patient wants to feel like a number. Dr. Williams and his team show their care and sincerity when they conscientiously respond to all of their patients’ concerns and comments on social media. Responsiveness is a hallmark of successful social media.

Dr. Williams tells us, “[Our social media platforms] allow us to be a friendly dental reference to our patients and shows our genuine concern for our patients and their dental care. We can answer their questions, provide knowledge of services, and try to bring some fun and excitement to their dental experience.

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Give Patients A Place To Connect With You

When you put in some extra time and effort, social media becomes a great place to strengthen connections with patients. Dr. Williams told us, “When I started using Facebook in our practice, I was surprised by the connection we are able to make with our patients. We have been able to use this to show our friendly side and combat all those ‘I’m scared of the dentist’ comments that we hear so often.

In order to keep your social media tools working for you, it’s important to maintain them well. For the most part, this means continuing to post regularly, and shaking things up now and then with a fun campaign or giveaway. This will inspire more interaction and conversations.

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Social Media Posting Goes Better With A Team Behind You

Dr. Williams is closely involved in the social media efforts of the office. We’ve noticed that when the whole team is on board (especially the Doctor) things go smoother, and everyone has a lot more fun. Keep your team involved! Talk about social media initiatives in your morning huddle, and look for opportunities to share your practice culture.

Dr. Williams tell us, “As a team, we try to brainstorm monthly for ideas to continue our social media efforts and try to do something on social media daily to keep it current!

Check Out The Sweet “Like Us” Buttons!

social media marketing for dentists

Some Questions & Answers With Dr. Williams:

Among the things you’ve tried, what have you seen the most success with?

Most success seems to come with unique material that pertains to our individual practice or a special individual patient.

What’s the HARDEST part of social media marketing for you?

The hardest part is staying on top of it and keeping it fresh and interesting daily.

In your opinion, what is the #1 benefit TO YOUR PRACTICE of your social media marketing efforts thus far?

Word of mouth referrals from satisfied patients have helped our practice. Many have shared positive reviews on our social media accounts and that has resulted in patient referrals from their friends and family.

What advice would you give to a practice just starting out on social media?

Start! It is a great tool to use for your practice and gets easier and less complicated the more you use it. We love the customer support at My Social Practice! They are always there to help me out with anything.

Congratulations, Dr. Williams and team! Keep up the great work.

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