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Dental Marketing Case Study – Morrison Dental Group!

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Dental Marketing Case Study - Morrison Dental Group

Congratulations to our October Social Practice of the Month—Morrison Dental Group!

We love it when a team truly understands the fundamentals of social media and uses them to enhance the patient experience! Morrison Dental Group is a great example of that. Whether they’re offering valuable advice on dental issues, showing their fun team culture, or supporting good causes like with this month’s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, they focus on strengthening relationships with patients and fans.

By combining their creativity with tools and content from My Social Practice, they’re expanding their practice’s online presence and gaining exposure to more potential patients than ever before. We reached out to their chief marketing officer, Becky Morrison, for some insight on their social media strategy.


Q&A With Chief Marketing Officer Becky Morrison

(Responses edited for length and clarity.)

What’s been your biggest realization about social media since you started your marketing efforts?

“Patients do not want to read boring text about how to properly brush their teeth or causes of tooth decay. They want to interact with our staff and to see photos and videos! The more we can connect with our patients online via social media in between their appointments in our office, the better.”

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Which social media tools have you seen the most success with?

“We had great success with the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign and having our doctors promise to wear tutus if our post reached a certain number of Likes. We set the goal at 100 Likes, which we reached in a matter of hours! Altogether, we got over 700 likes on that one post and tons of new Facebook page likes as well, increasing our audience.”

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So far, what have been the biggest benefits of social media for your patients and practice?

“By interacting with us regularly, hopefully it is a reminder to our patients to keep up with their oral health. As for our practice, we’re gaining exposure to potential patients in a way that was never possible just a few years ago.

What do you do in-practice to support your social media marketing plan?

“Take photos! Patients love to see our staff online, and even comment ‘Hi Carol!’ or ‘I miss you guys!’ Our patients also have fun with it and enjoy getting featured on our page. Whenever we do something for a cause (Breast Cancer Awareness, Oral Cancer Awareness, etc.), it makes it even more special.”

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What advice would you give to a practice just starting on social media?

“It’s a domino effect. You start out slow, but as you continue to build your social media audience, the more interaction you’ll have, which brings in a larger audience. Be patient. It does take some time, but with a little creativity and fun, you’ll get there.

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Thanks for the insight, Becky! It’s true that social media requires a consistent effort, but over time, you see returns in the form of new patients, referrals and patient retention.


Giving your social media presence adequate time to grow can be difficult—especially when it’s a struggle to even fit posting into your schedule. Morrison told us that she can only spend about three hours per week on social media, so she can’t waste any time trying to come up with post ideas.

This is one area where My Social Practice can help! Our clients receive daily, weekly, and monthly post ideas, along with great campaigns like Breast Cancer Awareness. We would love to show you step-by-step how to grow your practice with social media. Download our free ebook below for ideas to try on your social media pages, and contact us for a free demo of our services!

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