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Dental Marketing Case Study – Chesterfield Valley Dental

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Dental Marketing Case Study - Chesterfield Valley Dental

Congratulations to our December Social Practice of the Month — Chesterfield Valley Dental!

When you’re working to build your practice’s social media presence, it pays to diversify your efforts. Chesterfield Valley Dental is a great example of how to do it! Whether their team is informing patients about oral health, gathering Google reviews, posting on Instagram or raising breast cancer awareness, they do it with an enthusiasm that encourages engagement and builds relationships.

We reached out to their marketing director, Amy Rahm, for a look into how social media is best helping them grow their practice. Take something from their success story to apply in your own office!


Q&A With Marketing Director Amy Rahm

(Responses edited for length and clarity.)

So far, what has been the biggest surprise of social media marketing?

“I think the biggest ‘a-ha’ moment has been realizing that getting patients to post, comment and interact is the key, and not just having us posting image after image. A photo posted by a patient to our timeline or their own is worth a hundred times more than a photo we post of them.”

Which social media tools have you seen the most success with?

“The MSP Reviews app, which gets us Google reviews. Hands down. When our staff is consistent with it, we notice a difference. The reviews come through and the phone rings. The No. 1 thing new patients mention is that they read all of our great reviews!

How have your patients benefited from your social media efforts?

“I think and hope that we offer them bits of info that they didn’t know. They can see we want them to know more about their dental health. I think they like to see us having fun together too!”

How has your practice grown as a result of social media?

“We are getting compliments ALL THE TIME on our social media presence. We have a decent-sized Instagram following now as well. A rep came into the office and mentioned that they had never seen a dental office with such a great social media presence — that was fantastic! People in the community say they see our name around and that makes a huge difference.

What does your team do in the office to support your online marketing plan?

If anything is happening in the office that’s remotely interesting, we document it and use it to connect and promote. We run MSP campaigns as well. When our team traveled out of town for training and we shared it, we got so many comments from patients, non-patients, friends and followers that said ‘You guys look like you like working together and have a great practice.’ That made us feel good.”

What advice would you give to a practice just starting with social media?

“Don’t give up, and have fun with it! Building an online presence takes time, but it lends to your practice’s credibility. People have to see that you’re legit and genuine and hear your name several times before it sinks in!”


Rahm also mentioned that social media serves as sort of a creative outlet for the team, and they enjoy making content together that helps people get over dental anxiety. Still, not all of their patients are fans of social media, and that’s all right! By focusing on the patients that are comfortable and willing to participate in your social media efforts, you create advocates for your practice — whose friends and family will trust their recommendation of your team.

We congratulate Chesterfield Valley Dental on the excellent progress they’ve made, and we’re proud to provide the content, tools and training that will help them continue to grow in the coming year.

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