Our October Practice of the Month — Manhattan Dental!

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Congratulations to our October Practice of the Month — Manhattan Dental!

The team at Manhattan Dental (Manhattan, Kansas that is) always has new and exciting ways to involve their team members and patients in their social media efforts! They understand that the more people that participate in your practice’s social media, the more fun and effective it becomes. Practices that consistently give patients and fans a reason to participate — a promotion, campaign, or charitable event — see the best results in online visibility, reach and engagement.

By giving patients a reason to snap and share posts and photos on their own accounts, Manhattan Dental reaches more of the people most likely to become new patients.


Need some ideas on how to get your practice on board with social media? Take something from our interview with Manhattan Dental’s social media coordinator, Veronica Campbell, and apply it in your own office!

Q&A With Social Media Coordinator Veronica Campbell

(Responses edited for length and clarity.)

Since you started using social media in your practice, what has been the biggest surprise? The one thing you just weren’t expecting?

“How much our patients love seeing each team member on our Facebook page. They truly are interested in getting to know the team behind the curtain!”

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How do you feel your social media efforts have most helped your patients?

“They get to know us on a more personal level, and they love participating in our small giveaways. Our social media also keeps them in the loop with any practice announcements or changes in business hours. Patients appreciate the opportunity to easily give us feedback, and we use what they tell us to provide a better experience.”

My Social Practice

How has social media helped you grow your practice?

It honestly has helped us become more united as a team. We come up with ideas together and get everyone participating and learning more about each other. Everyone performs better when we can have some fun time at work. And when we share that fun on social media, it really shows potential patients that going to the dentist can be fun, and not scary. We love using the printable materials, Social Signs and daily ideas we get from My Social Practice.”

My Social Practice

What do you and your team do in the office to move forward your social media efforts?

“We have a monthly meeting we use to come up with ideas for giveaways, team and patient photo ops, and patient incentives for participating. Those incentives might be small gift cards or promotional cards from other businesses, or free services in our office.”

My Social Practice

What advice would you give to a practice just starting out on social media?

“Definitely start out with My Social Practice. Go slow at first and be patient. Ideas will come and it WILL get easier to have more patient and team member interaction.”


Thanks for your stamp of approval and your insights, Veronica! It’s a privilege for us to assist your great team in building a thriving practice.

So, even if you have little or no digital marketing experience, there’s never been a better time to start building your dental practice’s online presence. Request a free demo of our services and we’d love to show you step-by-step how to do it!

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