This Practice’s Video Showed That Going to the Dentist Can Be Fun — And the Whole World Loved It

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We’re so proud of our client practice, Patricia A. London, DDS! Team member Tracy Driver has been producing weekly Dubsmash videos there for over a year, which she compiled into this viral smash hit with over 25 MILLION views!

“Fun” is probably not the first thing to go through people’s minds when they think about going to a dental appointment. But if you show potential patients on social media that your office is a place where people can be comfortable and smile, you’ll stand out as a practice they can trust!

Last year, My Social Practice client team member Tracy Driver came up with the idea of producing a weekly video segment for the practice’s Facebook page called “Monday Bites.” The segment usually features a Dubsmash video (created with the iOS or Android app) with a patient who wants to participate, lip-syncing and dancing to popular songs.

On Jan. 1 the office posted a compilation of “Monday Bites” videos, and invited viewers to comment with their favorite clip for a chance to win a prize. Driver and the rest of the team were ecstatic when the video got more than 10,000 views on Facebook.


Then a few days later, Dr. Patricia London herself noticed the video was starting to pick up even more engagement.

“The next morning it was a million and then we sat there and watched it go from 2 million to 3 million,” Dr. London said in an interview with local news station WBTV.

The video now has more than 25 million views on Facebook and has been shared all over the world.

“We’ve had comments from Peru, Germany, Greece. It’s just crazy,” Driver said.

Now let’s take a step back and examine how this video is actually helping to grow Dr. London’s dental practice.

“Going viral” is a term that’s thrown around a lot in social media marketing, simply meaning that a piece of content has reached a certain level of sharing and awareness online. But visibility for visibility’s sake is not enough to build trust in your business — you need to give people a look into your practice culture and patient experience.

And what does this video compilation say about the practice of Patricia A. London, DDS? It says that it’s a place where the team and patients are happy, comfortable and having fun. And in the minds of prospective patients who see it, those good feelings are “transferred” to their beliefs about the practice as a whole.

“If patients are this happy about being in a video, then they must be happy with the treatment, their relationship with the doctor, and the patient experience,” they think.

Need some proof? Take a look at some of the comments that were left on the video, all within about an hour of each other:

And there are dozens more just like these. Because this video reached an incredible number of people, we saw a lot of comments with people wishing Dr. London was their dentist. But it follows logically that for every person who commented, there were even more that had the same thought.


Your practice’s social media presence alone can be enough to convince ideal potential patients to call for an appointment, switch care providers, or recommend you to family and friends. Regularly post content that is personal, fun, and showcases what makes your practice and team special. This type of content not only builds relationships, it also has a higher chance of being shared — just like Dr. London’s video.

My Social Practice provides all the training, tools, ideas and content to help you create viral content like this! Request a demo and one of our friendly social media experts will show you step-by-step how to start building your dental practice’s online presence today.


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