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44 Dental Office Designs by Famous Artists and Artificial Intelligence

By March 13, 2023June 23rd, 2023No Comments

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Dental Offices Designs using Midjourney AI

This post is an experiment in using some of the new AI softwares. Artificial intelligence capabilities are exploding. With the development of text to image software you can come up with seriously crazy looking stuff. Some of the images in this post are downright terrifying. They were all created by artificial intelligence image generator called Midjourney.

The prompt that I used was “dental office designed by (artist name).” A prompt is the text that you type in to the AI program. I used the same prompt each time swapping out the name of the artist. You’ll see from the images that the AI was influenced to create a dental office that looks inspired by the artist or it created a picture of a dental office that looks like it was painted by the artist. It’s interesting to see how the AI attempted to give me what I wanted from the prompt.

We’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with AI image generators. Follow our new Instagram account DentalAIArt to see some of the interesting things we’ve created and found. You’re welcome to use any of the images we create, just make sure to tag us.

Mark Rothko

Clara Darden

Ansel Adams

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Andy Warhol

Josef Albers

Georgia O’Keeffe

Dale Chihuly

Peter Max

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Salvador Dali

Laurel Burch

Albrecht Durer

Romero Britto

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir


Claude Monet

Vincent Van Gogh


High Engagement Sign Pack - Blue

Henri Matisse


Paul Cezanne

Yayoi Kusama

Gustav Klimt

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Takashi Murakami

David Hockney

Jean-Michel Basquiat

René Magritte

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Edvard Munch

Damien Hirst

Jeff Koons

Edward Hopper

Wassily Kandinsky

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Edgar Degas

Keith Haring

Johannes Vermeer

Mary Cassatt

Jasper Johns

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Pablo Picasso

Grant Woods

Andrew Wyeth

Grayson Perry

Maxfield Parrish

Egon Schiele


It quite amazing what you can do with AI now-a-days. If you found this article interesting I would encourage you to follow us on Dental AI Art. Also, you should set up a free account with Midjourney.

Here is a Youtuber that has great training on how to get started with Midjourney.

About the Author: Adrian Lefler is a dental social media marketing team member at My Social Practice. Adrian is passionate about helping practices implement dental TikTok marketing strategies. If you’d like to book Adrian or one of the executive team to speak at your event, please reach out on our dental marketing expert page.