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Not only are Google reviews trusted, but getting them may be the single-most important thing you can do inside your practice to positively affect your search engine rankings.

MSP Reviews™ gives you control over your reputation. Why gather reviews from non-trusted third party applications that people will never see? Your practice needs Google reviews, and lots of them.

Leveraging MSP Reviews’ deep-linking technology software gives your practice the ability to easily generate Google reviews right inside your practice. No more crossing your fingers and hoping patients will remember to review you after they return home and resume their busy lives!

Send a text with a link that opens your Google page for an easy review!

“Online reviews and social media are rapidly replacing personal referrals as the new word of mouth. MSP Reviews does an extraordinary job of empowering us to build and monitor our reputation where it matters… from Google to Yelp to Facebook and beyond. We are able to comfortably get real and honest reviews with their technology driven process.”

Michael C. Verber, DMD, FICOI
msp reviews includes:

MSP Reviews™ deep-linking cell phone technology

Integration of your Google account

Aggregation of all your reviews on one web page for added distribution

Follow-up email review system

Monthly reporting

Ongoing goal setting and team training

Initial MSP Reviews™ Starter Kit

A consistent flow of Google reviews is the absolute best way to:

  • Convince prospective new patients to schedule their first appointment.
  • Enhance search engine rankings.
  • Help your Google account show up in the maps section.
  • Generate more new patient phone calls.
  • Manage your reputation online.

Plus, we ship you this box full of in-practice printed materials!

Google reviews package!