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Stay connected with patients through texting, live chat, and mass messaging all in one place.

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This company is FABULOUS! They keep our business up to date with social media post ideas and great content! We love working with them.

Cyndi WorkVP Dental

These guys are awesome! They offer excellent service to help with your online marketing and reputation.

Evan ManningDental Partners of Vero Beach

We really cannot say enough good things about My Social Practice. We highly recommend their services!!

Cyndi Work

My Social Practice did a Google optimization for us and we have had so many more responses from customers. We would highly recommend their services.

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New Patient Conversation Inbox

Start finding new patients with your New Patient Conversation Inbox.

What is included in New Patient Conversation Inbox?

With our new patient conversion inbox service, your practice can communicate with patients via text, webchat, videochat, and livechat without the struggle to keep up. Seamlessly connect with all of your potential and current patients in one place.

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Here's what you'll get:

Don't Stress, You Have A

Dedicated Consultant

From new patient goal setting, automation, live chat, surveys, and more, your marketing consultant will do it all. Your practice will be ready to start having conversations with new patients immediately and in real-time.

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New Patients With Your

Conversation Inbox

With your new conversation inbox, you’ll never miss online patient interaction again.  Your team will engage in real-time with new patients from all over the web.

Your Conversation Inbox allows you to route patient conversations to the correct team member. New appointment requests can go straight to your scheduling team.

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A Patient Conversion Machine

LiveChat and Chatbot

Live chat and chatbot features allow your practice to immediately connect with patients in real-time. Switch to a texting conversation when a visitor leaves your website so that you never lose a website visitor. 

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Grow Your Practice

Use Surveys To Grow Your Practice

Measure your patient’s thoughts and feelings about your practice through an innovative survey system. Simply email or text your patient the survey to quickly get back great ideas on how your office can improve.

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Find New Patients

New Patients With Referral Software

83% of your patients trust referrals from people that they know. And referred patients are 4x more likely to accept treatment. Send happy patients referral requests.

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Video Chat For

Digital Face-to-Face Consultations

Video calls can be set to start instantly on any device from your new patient conversation inbox. Your new video chat feature does not require dialing, pins, or downloads.

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Reports & Goals

Reporting and Goal Setting

Your conversation inbox visualizes your practice reputation, sentiment, survey responses, conversion rates, and more. Then, it sends you recommendations on how to improve.

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Clients Also Ask:

Does LiveChat improve conversations with dental offices?

Yes! In this digital age, Live Chat should be an integral part of a dental practice’s online marketing strategy. Live Chat generates satisfaction levels as high as 73% compared to only 61% for email and 44% for phone.

Does LiveChat help attract new patients?

Live Chat is a tool that helps to convert potential dental patients into patients with scheduled appointments. Live Chat gives your dental practice the ability to quickly answer questions, which helps to build trust. Once trust is established patients are more likely to schedule an appointment.

Do patients prefer LiveChat?

In one study 79% of consumers said that they prefer Live Chat because of the immediacy. However, keep in mind the speed of your dental practice response to their Live Chat is important.

Why is LiveChat important?

Live Chat has proven to convert over 25% more web visitors into real patients. According to a survey, approximately 42% of patients prefer to use Live Chat compared to 23% who prefer to use email. The immediacy of Live Chat is something that your dental patients like to have as an option when visiting your website.

How has video conferencing helped dentists?

Video conferencing allows dental practice owners and dental specialists to speak with patients in an easy and comfortable format. For patients that need advice but are not located in the area of the dental practice, video conferencing for dental practices has become extremely helpful.

Is video chat safe for dental appointments?

It is safe as long as you are using software that has the proper end-to-end encryption and also follows all of the guidelines, including having a BAA.

Are video chats HIPAA compliant?

Depending on the software that is being used, video chats can be completely HIPAA compliant. HIPAA requires businesses to have a BAA (Business Associate Agreement). A BAA dictates how the software company will handle ePHI security. Keep in mind that most free video conferencing software does not have proper ePHI security.

Can FaceTime be HIPAA compliant?

FaceTime is a peer-to-peer video conversation that uses end-to-end encryption technology. Apple does not store any FaceTime sessions on its servers. Nor do they decrypt FaceTime sessions. Because of this, many dental practices feel that FaceTime is a HIPAA-compliant solution. The reality is, they’re not HIPAA compliant. One red flag with FaceTime is that Healthcare management systems suggest that HIPAA requirements require the ePHI stored distantly in order to have the system monitored remotely. This is not the case with FacetTme, Google Hangouts or other video conferencing technologies.

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