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dental social mediaGREAT! YOU HAVE A NICE-LOOKING, INFORMATIVE FACEBOOK DENTAL MARKETING BUSINESS PAGE for your dental practice! Now you’re ready to take it to the next level with minimal hassle, and not having to spend tons of time. Here’s an awesome first step…

“Likes”, in and of themselves, are NOT the goal. The goal is to communicate and interact with your patient base, and with prospective patients. But Likes DO play an important foundational role as you move ahead.

One of the best ways (in a relatively short amount of time) to boost your Facebook Likes and Instagram marketing efforts is to set an “in-practice” goal or to create an in-practice social media marketing competition! How many people work in your practice? 5? 25? 40? Chances are that many of them are already actively using Facebook and Instagram. All your team needs is a little encouragement to help spread the word. And don’t forget… Many of your team members have a spouse and/or kids at home who can help!

Average Facebook users have around 330 friends—but as you know, lots of people have many, many more. Let’s pretend you have 10 team members on Facebook, each with 330 friends. If each of those team members Liked your new Facebook page, and then shared something that you had posted or made a comment, suddenly there are 5o00+ people who could potentially be getting to know your dental practice better, starting immediately!

Yes, we know everyone on your team loves working at your practice. And, we know that most of them will do this just to help out. However, offering a little incentive could make it a lot more fun! Why not challenge your team to work together to reach a total of _______ Likes (you pick the number)! Once they help out in reaching that number, take the whole team out for a nice lunch at a fancy-pants restaurant. Encourage them to enlist the help of their friends and family members—always keeping in mind that it ISN’T about the number per se… it’s about establishing a base for telling your practice story.

Make the goal a challenge that stretches you! Is it 300 Likes? 500 Likes? 1000 Likes? It depends a little bit on the size of your practice. Don’t make it so hard that your team is discouraged and/or feels like it is unattainable. Remember, lunch at a nice restaurant is pretty cheap marketing dollars spent—especially given the potential of dental social media marketing benefits.

Another idea may be to make it a contest. For example, the employee who gets the most Likes to your page wins. Instead of a prize for the whole practice, give one super prize for the team member winner—or, maybe you have a first, second, and third place prize. Perhaps a weekend spa retreat? The more fun you have with this, the more fun they’ll have too.

Never forget… ALL of this effort is laser focused on one goal… Becoming a Social Practice, developing stellar  processes, and improving your overall search engine optimization rankings.

Good luck, have fun, and we’d love to hear about your successes!



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  • how do you track who has referred people to like your page? how can you measure which team member referred which person who likes your page? Great idea, I am not sure how to measure it.

    • admin says:

      If you ask your team to promote the page together, then reward the team as a group, there’s no need to track.

      If you want to do a competition within the practice, it is a little more difficult. Facebook currently does not provide Insights to the level of detail. You can look at your page’s Insights by going to .

      One suggestion, though on the honor system, hold a company meeting at the conclusion of your contest. Scroll through the list of Likes and have each employee claim their friends, make it fun. When you come to a name that no one immediately claims, they could be a friend of friend. Move on.