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Hines Little Smiles Effectively Builds Trust Through Social Media Dental Marketing

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WE’RE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE March’s Social Practice of the Month! Working with Dr. Hines, Dr. Anderson, Jessi, and the entire team at Hines Little Smiles is a JOY for our company. They’re awesome.

About Hines Little Smiles

Hines Little Smiles is a leading pediatric dental practice serving the greater Columbus, OH area. Their entire team believes in the power of honest and open communication and strives to make their patients part of their practice family. Here at My Social Practice, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Hines Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry for about one year now.

Sharing Practice Culture

The people at Hines Little Smiles are PROs at sharing their practice culture with their patients. They have absolutely adopted the mindset needed to “become a social media dental practice”. They are very proactive at responding to patient comments in a timely way.

A Great Job Using Patient Photos

Since we began working with Hines Little Smiles we have noticed that they are really good about using photographs. Remember, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Why is this so important? Because the likelihood of people sharing skyrockets when you upload photos to your Facebook wall.

A Few Minutes EACH Day

Hines Little Smiles is very consistent in their social media efforts.

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We asked Jessi Hamilton, Office Manager…

We asked Jessi Hamilton, Office Manager, what their biggest “a-ha moment” has been in using social media marketing? She said, “The biggest “a-ha moment” for us has been how many families feel like they “know us” before they meet us. Families feel engaged in the practice activities and promotions before they walk through our front door for the first time.”

Lesson Learned: If you’re still wondering about “the ROI” of social media marketing in a dental practice, one of the many ways it increases profitability is by shortening the sales cycle for your services, through engagement and education.


We also asked what social media marketing tactics they’ve had the most success with. Jessi replied, “Facebook Tuesday Trivia seems to have created quite a buzz. It’s not just our patients and their parents who participate. Extended families and friends of patients play… It’s amazing how many people participate!”

Lesson Learned: Work towards a great “mix” in your content. It’s good to include dental-related content, but there are lots of ways to entice people into engaging with your practice. Remember, people are people first… Patients second.


When asked what her advice would be to dental practices considering social media as part of their marketing efforts, Jessi said, “Other practices tell us that they don’t have the time for social media. We’ve got so many parents who are extremely active on social media—we’d be missing a big opportunity if we didn’t take the time to learn how to use it effectively. You’ve got to make the time and make it a habit. I think that social media just requires someone who is willing to learn and invest in the creative process. Once you have a foundation it is easy to build from there.”

Lesson Learned: Your practice can do this too!


When we asked Jessi’s opinion about the biggest benefits of social media for THEIR PATIENTS, she said, “We like to focus on our patients dental achievements. I think that families like to feel a sense of accomplishment. They appreciate the Cavity Free Club and the pictures we post of their child for a great visit.”

Lesson Learned: When you get in the habit of talking about others, instead of yourself, stories spread faster—and so does exposure to your practice.


When asked Jessi’s thoughts about the biggest benefits of social media for dentists, Jessi said, “We’re getting new patients from social media, but that’s not the best part. There are parents out there who are turning to social media to find a pediatric dentist, but there are a lot more parents looking at our Facebook page to find out what we’re “really like” before they bring their son/daughter in for their first visit. Whether they hear about us from a referring dentist or other advertising, we know almost everyone is “checking us out” on Facebook. We’ve worked to truly build an online community of our patients, parents, families and friends.”

Lesson Learned: Social media marketing not only helps grow your practice, but it’s also a giant trust builder.


When Jessi was asked how much time they spend each week working on their social media tools, she replied, “About three hours a week.”

Lesson Learned: You don’t have to spend tons of time to be effective!


Congratulations to Hines Little Smiles for the awesome ways you use social media to serve your patients!

Ready To Get Serious About Social Media Marketing In Your Practice?

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