Dental Social Media Strategy Helps You Become More Giving

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IS YOUR PRACTICE BECOMING a giving practice? Dental social media marketing isn’t just about marketing. Your practice’s social media platform provides a systematic, purposeful, easy way to not only better connect with your patients, but to also make the world a better place.

Simple Topics From Your Blog Can Help People

Some dental practices make the mistake of thinking that their blog, tweets, and wall posts need to sell dental services every time. That’s not the case. Of course, it’s great to occasionally publish content that supports great dental care. That’s one of the reasons you’re working so hard to create this permission-based, dental social media marketing strategy. But keep in mind that the topics must be interesting and relevant, first. The comments from people in the example below help demonstrate this idea:

dental social media

You CAN “Think Different” About Marketing

dental social media

Thinking different about marketing your dental practice means putting other people first.

9 “Big Idea” Action Items:

Small Things – As you map out your own blogging content calendar, think WAY outside the box. For every dental service-related topic, see if you can come up with three unrelated topics that your patients and prospective patients will enjoy and find useful. You can do this if you just spend a tiny bit of focused time.

Bigger Things – Do a couple of things every year for your community. Use your dental social media platform to spread the word before, during, and after. Could your team help build a home for somebody in your community through Habitat For Humanity? Could you whiten patients’ teeth and donate all the proceeds to a local children’s charity through Smiles For Life? Could you donate a smile makeover to someone in need? Could you offer a helping hand like Dr. Banas did? Could you help children’s vision through Sight Savers? Could you do some humanitarian work? Could you help make a miracle happen? When was the last time you simply had a patient appreciation party? Be imaginative. It always comes back.

Has your practice had a great experience giving back—either in a small or big way? Have you felt the satisfaction that lies in the act itself? Please share your experience below, or on our Facebook page. Thank you!


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