Effective Dental Social Media Marketing Requires A Little Writing

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DON’T THINK YOU’RE A WRITER? Of course you are. Holy smokes… You got through college and dental school! It’s just been awhile. You probably don’t realize yet how easy it can be to spread your practice story online with a little writing. Don’t let the word “blogging” scare you.

A Rarely-Talked-About Benefit Of Blogging

So, even if the only creature reading your blog is your cat, start! In this digital marketing age you cannot survive without better developing your writing skills. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you must personally take on all of the writing responsibility. You can work with a team member or two. But if you think your dental social media marketing can slide by without writing, you’ll always be dependent on others to connect with your patients and prospective patients.

Action Item:

If you’re one of our clients, start easy by using some of our pre-outlined blog topics and just contribute a few sentences to personalize the content. You’ll quickly start getting much more comfortable with the idea of writing for your patient base. If you’re not one of our clients, you can start your own blog in minutes. My recommendation is that you use

Think of some topics you’re passionate about. Choose a couple that are dentistry related and a couple that aren’t.

For example, perhaps you’ve started using a simple Patient of the Month program! Publish a short blog post about it and distribute it through your social media platform! It doesn’t need to be formal or long. Or, perhaps you’ve started recommending Opalescence treswhite Supreme and you’re excited about it. Don’t get bogged down in the technical details—just tell your patients what you think about it and how you feel about it. Honesty and transparency go a long way here.

For your non-dental post pick a personal topic to write about. These can indirectly (or directly) point back to dentistry, but they don’t have to. Did you just finish a great book? Are your training for your first triathlon? Did you and your family recently enjoy a fun, family vacation? Again, these posts don’t need to belong.

Here are just a few examples from some of our other clients:

  • “And The Winner Is… Rachel Hone!”
  • “Getting To Better Know Our Awesome Dental Administrator, Mary”
  • “Show Off Those Pearly Whites”
  • “The Culture Of Our Practice”

The rewards for owning your own writing voice in your dental practice’s social media marketing efforts are worth the little bit of work. Take the leap of faith and start doing a little writing. Baby steps. Mom was right… Practice makes perfect.

This post is part of a the series 26 Dental Social Media Marketing Truths.