26 Vital Dental Social Media Post Truths For Patient Growth

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26 Vital Dental Social Media Post Truths

Table of Contents

A FEW YEARS AGO I READ CHRIS BROGAN & JULIEN SMITH’S book, The Impact Equation. The book’s application to dental social media marketing is invaluable. And in fact, I was so impressed with the book’s content that I made it required reading for my social media marketing experts.

Distilled Through The Eyes Of A Dental Social Media Marketer

The Impact Equation’s strength is that it contains actionable ideas—supported by sound theory and mindset. As I read the book, I distilled my own 26 dental social media post concepts from its content, then created my own action items specific to social media dental post topics that I could pass along to you.

dental social media

My hope is that you’ll begin to tie together these 26 dental social media post truths into a cohesive, long-term, social media marketing framework for your practice.

Dental Social Media Marketing’s Human Side

“Long term? How could anything about social media marketing be long term? Doesn’t it change every day?”, you ask. Well remember, tools come and go. Mindset is long term. These 26 dental social media post truths are about cultivating and strengthening connections with your patients that lead to long-term practice growth and greater personal career fulfillment. Yep, long term stuff.

We made this video over ten years ago. It’s a great video to help dental practices understand the type of dental social media post content that needs to be created. Please watch!

Links To All 26 Social Media Dental Post Truths

I’ve written articles about all of these posts and have linked to them in the image. If you want to look further at what each of these social media dental posts can teach you simply click on the image and learn more.

Each image takes one concept that has relevant application in your social media dental post efforts. I’ve also included my own perspective as a dental social media marketer—having worked with thousands of dental practices over the last thirteen years—as well as action items that you and your team can easily begin executing.

Bookmark this page (or designate it as your landing page for a while) to take advantage of all 26 social media dental post truths. Read one each business day for the next couple of months. Once you’ve read them all, pick your favorite 10 and spend one week working on each of those 10. Then, let us know how it went. We welcome your feedback.

#1 What Is Social Media In Your Practice Really Selling?

social media dental practiceHAVE YOU BEEN ON A PLANE RECENTLY? The view of the world from 35,000 feet is different. Have you ever considered how your dental practice marketing looks from a 35,000 foot viewpoint?

Yes, I’m aware. You spend a lot of micro time in people’s mouths. But what are you really selling? What kind of practice would you have if you eliminated dentistry entirely? Is it wild to believe? Consider the following questions: What are you truly offering—comfort, health, attractiveness, confidence, and trust. You’re treating people, not teeth.

We recently provided our clients with a “Kickstart” concept and graphics for their Facebook and Instagram marketing pages. Notice how many…. Read More

#2 Effective Dental Social Media Marketing Requires A Little Writing

Dental Social Media MarketingDO YOU THINK YOU’RE A WRITER? You undoubtedly are. Holy moly… you made it through college and dental school! It’s been a long time since you’ve written anything. You probably don’t realize yet how simple it is to promote your professional narrative on the internet with a little writing.

Don’t be scared by the blank page. Start today, even if it’s just for your cat. You can’t live in this digital social media marketing age without improving your writing abilities. That does not always mean you must shoulder all of the writing burden yourself. You may collaborate… READ THE POST!

#3 A Powerful Secret To Dental Social Media marketing Success

social media dental postsDo you think YOU are using your dental social media post strategy to build up those around you? Do you show interest in other local companies without any promise of a reward? Traditionally, dentists have not utilized this approach in marketing, but it is an important tenet in dental social media post marketing for dentists.

I remember attending Blog World in Las Vegas several years ago, where I first heard about Chris Brogan. Chris Brogan was just getting started gaining prominence as a social media thought leader, and he was scheduled to give one of the keynote speeches.

One afternoon during the event, I was ambling down a long corridor in the convention center when Chris went by. “Hi, Chris!” I exclaimed as he passed by. I thought he’d at least say hello back to me. I was sorely mistaken. He not only greeted me but also stopped and extended his hand for a handshake… READ MORE!

#4 How To Leverage Big Swings Using Dental Social Media Post Marketing

social media dental marketing

There’s no replacement for daily, consistent effort in the world of dentistry. Purposeful, little actions driven by thoughtful strategies result in obvious advantages that develop flourishing practices. This combination is what creates Return on Investment (ROI) with your dental social media post marketing efforts.

However, your practice should also be launching a significant concept from time to time, in addition to the tiny stuff. That is, making a “significant swing.”

What are a few things that you believe you’re doing well that are increasing your reach? Have you thought about running a dental social media post campaign to raise $25,000 for a cause close to your heart? Or what about… READ MORE.

#5 Valuable Dental Social Media Post Platforms Are Anchored By Blogs

dental social media postsHave you ever thought that there are too many social media tools. It seems like they come and go every few months. Your dental social media post strategy should not be reliant on any one account or network that you do not have total control.

Let’s be honest… When it comes to dental social media post marketing, we’re talking about Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, right now (February 2022). Why am I concentrating on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok? Because, with billions of accounts and average user times over eight hours per month, these are the most accessible platform for your practice.

It’s likely that seven or eight out of every ten individuals who come through your door are active on Facebook and Instagram. The best… READ THE POST.

#6 Dental Social Media Post Strategies Helps You Become More Giving

dentist social media marketingIS YOUR DENTAL PRACTICE TURNING INTO A GIVING PRACTICE? Dental social media post marketing isn’t only about dental marketing. Your practice’s social media platform gives you a methodical, meaningful, and simple means to not just connect with your patients better, but also make the world a better place.

Some dental practices believe that their blog and wall posts must always promote dental services. That is not the case. Of course, it’s wonderful to occasionally put out material that promotes excellent oral care. That’s one of the reasons you’re dedicating so much time and effort into developing this permission-based dental social media post plan.

However, don’t be too excessive with your approach. Make sure your material is interesting and relevant before… READ MORE HERE.

#7 Four Steps To Smart Emotional Content On Your Dental Social Media Post Platforms

social media marketing for dentistsIt’s not enough to just provide information. There’s no emotion or enthusiasm behind it, so few people are motivated by it alone. Are you engaging with your patients and potential patients on an emotional, personal level in your dental social media post efforts?

Don’t get me wrong… When I say “personal,” I’m not implying you should inform the entire world that you had a Reuben sandwich for lunch and got heartburn. What I’m stressing is that individuals like doing business with people they know on a personal basis, which includes being warm, transparent, humble, and fallible.

Make Your Own Comfort Zones in your dental social media post plan. I’m not suggesting that everyone should have the same degree of comfort when it comes to emotional material on your dental social media post platforms. However…. READ THE POST.

#8 Show Patients You Care Through Dental Social Media Post Marketing

social media for dentist practiceDENTISTRY IS A RELATIONSHIP-BASED BUSINESS. That’s one of the primary reasons why dental social media post marketing can be so successful..

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”. There’s no better illustration of this than our client and friend, Dr. Robert D. Herron Jr., in Columbus, KS. Almost every business day, Dr. Herron creates a personalized video for his patients that effectively mixes dental social media post material with dental-related content to sustain and strengthen…. READ MORE HERE.

#9 Be Consistent In Your Dental Social Media Post Marketing

We all know how difficult it is to do the healthy tasks every day. We get tired, don’t we? So, whether we’re talking about consistent exercise, good diet choices, or excellent oral hygiene (or in this case, regular dental social media post marketing activity), consistency is a must.

At My Social Practice, we get to work with hundreds of top-notch, forward-thinking dental and orthodontic practices as clients. We also have the pleasure of influencing and educating tens of thousands of dentists and orthodontists across the world through our blog, webinars, seminars, speaking engagements, and dental social media posts.

A modest investment of time and energy should be invested in effective dental social media post marketing to achieve success. When there isn’t as much traction, it’s usually because…. READ THE POST.

#10 How To Think About And Create Dental Social Media Marketing Content

dental marketing for dentists and orthodontistsYOU PROBABLY HAVE NEVER CONSIDERED YOURSELF A TELEVISION MAGNET. So, what is the connection between a TV station and dental social media post marketing? It’s all about material.

Let’s pretend there’s a TV station called The Dr. Jones’ Dentistry Network and the program director insists on airing advertisements 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “25% Off Any Dental Service!”, “Come On Down For A Smile Makeover.”

The Dr. Jones’ Dentistry Network’s ratings plummet when NOBODY wants to watch a self-absorbed TV station that only runs commercials in an effort to promote services. The program director is let go.

The new program director understands the importance of dental social media post content. She’s enthusiastic about dentistry and recognizes a slew of related issues that are fascinating, informative, helpful, entertaining, and relevant. She also understands that she must incorporate a little bit of…. READ MORE.

#11 Are You Stressing Over Low Dental Social Media Post Numbers?

dental marketing and social mediaYou may be shocked to learn that a study of dental practice Facebook pages found that only 2% have more than 500 Likes, while 82% have less than 100.

That doesn’t seem strange when you consider that many large companies, such as Lady Gaga, have over 50 million Facebook likes. You may be led to believe that big businesses have a higher level of social media engagement with its followers than small firms like yours. That isn’t true at all.

Relationship-based businesses, such as your dental practice, benefit the most from detnal social media post marketing.

Small numbers combined with excellent strategy, interesting substance, and strong human connections are the keys to successful dental social media post marketing. I’m not suggesting that having more blog subscribers, post comments, video views, Facebook Likes andShares aren’t… READ THE POST

#12 Ship One Dental Social Media Marketing Ideas Right Now

dental and orthodontic social media

This blog series, “26 Dental Social Media Marketing Truths For Your Practice,” is about halfway through. It’s my goal that by now you’ve completed a number of the Action Items I’ve suggested and described in each post. Let’s get started, bucky!

Do you intend to make a difference in your practice through dental social media post marketing, or are you going to dillydally some more? I’m going to make this as simple as possible. No matter how full you think your plate is right now—unless your practice is on fire—you’re going to establish a new Patient of the Month program, which will help create tons of great dental social media post content.

Read the full post HERE.

#13 Warning: Never Confuse Dental Social Media Marketing With Advertising

dental practice social media marketingI’ve never been to dental school, but from hundreds of appointments with dentists, I know there aren’t a lot of dental marketing classes taught. That’s all right. There aren’t a lot of dentistry courses available to marketing majors, either.

There’s a misconception that dentists think marketing and advertising are distinct and separate marketing initiatives. Marketing can include limited amounts of advertising, but the term is much more extensive. Here’s a slide with a definition I’ve given to my undergraduate advertising students on marketing… READ FULL POST.

#14 How Dental Social Media Post Marketing Takes You Out Of The Commodities Business

social media marketing dentist

Costco sells coffee for $0.50 per cup. Starbucks customers in the next block pay 500% more. Why don’t you ever hear anybody in Starbucks ask for a discount cup of coffee? It’s because, at this point, coffee has become a “ritual comfort” with greater perceived value to both Starbucks and their customer.

“What on Earth could our dental practice learn about marketing from a firm like Best Buy?” you might be thinking. Consider the application of this message to the way you market your product—dentistry.

To expand its brand, Best Buy has employed a variety of social media marketing tactics. They’ve done it through their company’s mission statement, consumer experience, and the way they interact with… READ THE POST.

#15 With Dental Social Media Post Marketing It’s Okay to Ask Occasionally

social media for orthodontists

Despite our warnings about being pushy with social media marketing, keep in mind that you DO have a fan base—no matter how big or little—that likes who you are and what you offer. It’s acceptable to ask for their assistance from time to time. Remember the definition of Community-Driven Dental Marketing… “Establishing and nurturing a following of ‘fans’ who enthusiastically contribute your narrative on their trusted, highly-scalable, permission-based social networks.”

This week, there’s been a lot of important…. READ MORE.

#16 Strengthening Practice Clout Through Dental Social Media Marketing

orthodontic social media

I’ve been writing and talking about three dental social media post marketing methods for a few years now that successful dentists and orthodontists use to help their businesses grow.

Dr. Middleberg and Dr. Gemmi really get it when it comes to leveraging dental social media trends to boost their practice’s clout. I’ve seen numerous dental Facebook and blog postings promoted via their platform, where they discuss the things they’re learning about dentistry in order to better serve their patients. And, as a result of this initiative, I frequently observe greater engagement, more likes, more followers, and much higher reach.

Believing that their patient base…. LEARN MORE

#17 Is Echo Part Of Your Dental Social Media Post Strategy

Is Echo Part Of Your Dental Social Media Blogging Strategy?

The authors of The Impact Equation, Chris Brogan and Julian Smith, define “Echo” in their book. For a dental social media marketer it means sharing experiences with your followers and patients that help them see that you have an understanding of what is going on in their lives.

The British singer Adele serves as an example to the authors for using Echo to transform her already fantastic success into something even more overwhelming.

“Adele sings songs about love and heartbreak that connect with people of all ages, meaning that she has created songs that resonate (echo, echo) with the feelings you are experiencing. Echo helps her develop her platform… She communicates with others as a friend rather than as a celebrity… READ THE POST.

#18 Seasonal Events Can Help Drive Dental Social Media Marketing

Seasonal Events Can Help Drive Dental Social Media Marketing

The best dental social media post marketing mixes up your platform’s content. Some of it is dental-related and some of it may be completely eradicated from dentistry. And some of it is a great blend. You have the many possibilities to engage with varied patients and prospectives. Each of them have different requirements and interests. If you have a great mix of content you’ll reach more people.

Many of our clients have conducted “sweet swap” events. These are fantastic ways to bring in both patients …. READ MORE.

#19 Steps To Giving Back, Then Sharing Your Dental Social Media Post Stories

instagram post ideas for dentists

It was Giving Tuesday a COUPLE OF DAYS AGO. Throughout the week at My Social Practice, we send out suggestions in email and also in our publisher to all of our client practices—it’s part of our comprehensive dental social media post marketing package.

Recently we used the social media platform to create two variants of a particular post and sent them both to our clients on Giving Tuesday. The first was for their Facebook page. The second was meant to be printed out and filled in with a way the business “gives back,” then posted on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.


#20 The Great Hoax: SEO And Dental Social Media Always Play Well Together

social media marketing ideas

Because this essay is a little of a diatribe, I’m apologizing right up front. I just feel compelled to get this off my chest. Everywhere I look, I see awful advice coming from website development firms and/or SEO-centric marketing consultants who believe dental social media should be treated as any another digital marketing approach.

The best-case scenario is that these well-intentioned providers don’t have the necessary social media marketing post expertise or background. The worst-case situation is that… READ MORE.

#21 Tapping Personality Power In Your Dental Social Media Marketing

facebook post ideas for dental practices

What’s the connection between alligator hunting and dental social media marketing?

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ON AN ALLIGATOR HUNT? I haven’t, either. But dental assistant April Hamrick has. In fact, based on the blog post Cranford Dental published, it appears there is a lot of rivalry in obtaining an alligator hunting license in the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources lottery!

Yes, you read that correctly. A blog post about alligator hunting communicates a lot about a practice’s capacity to connect with its patients:

Cranford Dental’s blog is a great example of how to integrate personal blogging with dental-related material. Here are two more…. READ MORE.

#22 Eight Ideas For Making Your Dental Social Media Unique To Your Practice

social media marketing for dental industry

YOUR PRACTICE IS ONE-OF-A-KIND. Your practice’s culture is unique. Each of your team members has his or her own special talent. YOUR patients are YOURS. Because YOU live and operate in the community where YOUR new patients reside and work, make sure your dental social media posts, images, and advertising are locally and intimately relatable.

There are several effective rules-of-thumb for dental social media post marketing. If you’ve been following this blog series, “26 Dentist Social Media Marketing Truths,” then you’ll have a good understanding of them.

However, you should never feel compelled to implement any approach or technique that does not suit your practice brand, goals, culture, and image. Some marketing strategies are very formal. Others are more laid-back. That’s OK! LEARN MORE

#23 Successful Social Media For Dentists Begins By Being Interested

Would you walk into a cocktail party, climb up on the bar with a megaphone and begin to sell your dental services? Of course not! Unfortunately, certain dental marketing experts offer this advice when it comes to social media for dent

First, Be Interested Not Interesting

Instead of getting on the bar, you’d look for fascinating people to meet at the party. Then, after introducing yourself quickly, you’d inquire about the other person. You’d be interested in what they do and who they are. You’d discover a “connective point.”

A successful dental social media post presence requires a mental shift for dentists. We all know that conventional dental marketing tactics like paid advertising, ad copy, and price tags don’t work well on social media sites. On one hand, this makes it sound as if the digital marketing tactics are doomed to failure; yet, on the other hand , it may…. READ HERE

#24 Dental Social Media Marketing With Impact Is Participatory

Dental Social Media Marketing

DENTAL SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING WITH IMPACT demands a great deal more than simply setting up accounts! Tom Fishburne recently wrote a fantastic blog article entitled “Our Facebook Page,” where he discusses the current get-rich-quick mentality in social media marketing.

Tom is an amazing graphic and sound dental marketer. His argument is that many companies (or, in our case, dentistry practices) believe that if you just create it (establish social media accounts), the patients will come.

After Reading Tom’s Post, I Left The Following…. READ THE POST

#25 Celebrate EVERY Dental Social Media Marketing Victory

Getting started with DENTAL SOCIAL MEDIA POST MARKETING for your practice may seem hard. It necessitates a significant leap of faith. At first, it might be disheartening. You’ll feel like no one is listening at times.

In part, that’s because we’ve all come to this social media party with a traditional marketing mindset based on push tactics such as newspaper or magazine advertising, direct mail, billboards, banner ads, and so on.

Without a doubt, the marketing landscape has changed significantly since the advent of the internet and social media marketing. In fact, it’s been changing at breakneck speeds for quite some time now. The only problem is that most marketers are still stuck in antiquated beliefs about what works and what doesn’t. Even though “New Media” may be thought of as a… READ MORE HERE.

#26 Three Great Ways To Help Your Team Build Your Dental Social Media Platform

social media for dentists

If you haven’t already, now is the time to establish your Dental Social Media POST Platform. Where should you start?

One of your most obvious advantages in gaining early traction with your dental social media post efforts is self-evident—so evident that you may be oblivious to it. Your staff!

Patients have a lot of trust in your clinic’s employees. Team members are familiar with your patients. Residents and workers live and work in your area. Your practice’s atmosphere is understood by team members.

Team members have friends, family members, gym buddies, their church congregation, internet social networks, and neighbors who are all potential patients for your dental practice. One of the keys to getting the early word out about your social media campaign is to utilize team members. READ THE FULL POST

Start Finding New Patients Today With Dental Social Media Post Truths

I’ve distilled my own 26 concepts from its content to create an action item list of things you can do as a dental marketer to help your practice grow with the power of digital marketing on social networks.

I hope that these have been helpful. I am confident that if you learn and understand these techniques that you’ll see a big uptick in new patients generated from dental social media posting.

Are You Ready To Get Serious About Dental Social Media Posts?

Remember that these truths are about cultivating connections with patients over time which lead to long-term success in your business and greater personal fulfillment along the way!  If you want more information or need some advice, feel free to contact our team.

About the Author: Adrian Lefler is a dental marketing expert and a key member of the dental social media team at My Social Practice. My Social Practice is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Adrian is passionate about helping dental practices grow. Interested in learning more about the benefits of social media for dentists please schedule a complimentary consultation. And, don’t forget to read our Google My Business reviews.