A Powerful Secret To Dental Social Media Marketing Success

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ARE YOU USING your dental social media strategy to lift those around you? Do you show interest in other local businesses without any expectation of return? This is a foreign notion to traditional dental marketing strategy, but a fundamental concept in social media marketing for dentists.

A number of years ago I attended BlogWorld for the first time in Las Vegas. Chris Brogan was just starting to become well known as a social media thought leader and was scheduled to deliver one of the keynote addresses.

One afternoon during the event I was walking down a long hallway in the convention center when I saw Chris walking through the hall toward me. As he passed by, I said, “Hi Chris!”. I thought perhaps he’d say hello back to me. I was wrong. He not only said hello, but he stopped, reached out with a smile and handshake, and asked me my name.

Chris went on to spend about 10 minutes with me, visiting one on one and asking me questions about what I did, what I was learning at BlogWorld, etc. And here’s the thing… It came from his heart. I could feel it. I was impressed. And since then he has continued to remain responsive, personable, and approachable—despite his tremendous success. Chris Brogan is kind to the up-and-comers in our world. Chris Brogan practices what he preaches.

Recently Chris even offered to visit my Social Media Marketing class (via Skype) and answer questions from the MBA students I teach. It was a great experience. He’s a super busy guy—and an expense, hot, speaking ticket. But he took the time to “be kind to the up-and-comers in our world”.
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Treat every person and every local business, regardless of their online status, like your only fan—even if they’re not your fan yet! It’s good karma. Remember the old saying, “You can tell the character of a person by the way he or she treats the waitress.” Don’t forget that! It’s part of becoming a social practice.

Action Item:

Because you’re a business tied to a physical location, dental social media marketing must have specific, localized strategies. For example, if you’re in Arizona, engaging with people in New Jersey may not be the best use of your time. It’s important to find and connect with people in your local area. Here’s a quick, easy way.

1. Go to your local Chamber of Commerce page. In the example below, I picked the first category (Accountants) and clicked on the first accounting firm (Biesinger & Kofford).

2. You can quickly determine if the business has any social media presence. In this case, the firm’s Facebook page was front and center, so I clicked on it.

3. Their most recent Facebook post featured a Forbes’ article about preparing for next year’s tax season. WHEN YOU GET TO THIS POINT, LEAVE A COMMENT! Be sure you’re commenting as your practice, NOT as an individual. Although Facebook doesn’t allow businesses to comment on individual’s pages, they do allow businesses to comment on other businesses’ pages.

In about 60 seconds, by showing interest, you’ve connected with people in your community. It’s like attending a local Kiwanis Club luncheon without the hassle or the mediocre Chicken Cordon Bleu.

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Helping Up-And-Comers Boosts Your Dental Social Media Marketing Efforts

Trust me… Having worked with hundreds of dental and orthodontic practices we see it time and time again. The mindset and strategy described above will change your heart, change your view of your career, change your practice culture, and grow your business. Do it and you’ll see.

Back in 1936 Dale Carnegie understood dental social media marketing. If you’ve heard me speak at a dental event you may recognize the slide below from one of my presentations:

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