How Dental Social Media Marketing Takes You Out Of The Commodities Business

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YOU CAN GET a cup of coffee at Costco for $0.50. At the Starbucks next door people pay 500% more. Why don’t you ever hear anyone in Starbucks asking for a discounted cup of coffee? It’s because both Starbucks and their customers no longer consider coffee a commodity—rather, it’s a “ritual comfort” with higher perceived value.

Your Target Audience No Longer Needs To Be Everyone With Teeth

You may be wondering, “What on Earth could our dental practice learn about marketing from a company like Best Buy?!” As you watch the short message below from Best Buy’s former CMO, Barry Judge, think about its application to the way you market your product—dentistry.

Best Buy has used a number of social media marketing strategies to build its brand. They have done so through their company’s purpose, their customer experience, and how they interact with the media. When Barry Judge became Best Buy’s Chief Marketing Officer in 2009, he quickly realized that the way the company marketed products was no longer effective. He says that “the target audience is now two audiences: people who are just starting out with technology and seasoned consumers.”

The shift in focus from everyone to these two groups has been successful for Best Buy. They have strengthened their brand by focusing on customers’ needs more than ever before and they’ve done this through social media marketing.

The Dental Social Media Marketing Takeaway From Best Buy

Barry Judge says something to the effect, “The internet provides limitless selection, while Walmart provides rock bottom prices…”. The concept is the same with dental services. In a split second, Google provides limitless practice choices—and, there will always be some goofball practice down the street running a Groupon deal. The engagement you create through your dental social media platform will set you apart from the fray and allow you to create powerful one-to-one connections where you can tell your practice story and create higher perceived value (your version of Starbuck’s “ritual comfort”).

Dental social media marketing can be a powerful tool for you to communicate your uniqueness and provide value to patients. The transparency of the internet is allowing more consumers than ever before, especially younger ones who are digital natives, to see what’s happening behind closed doors in places like dental practices. You might have heard about this trend called “transparency” from other industries which has led companies such as Nike and Apple to release information on their supply chains so that customers know where products come from. In order for dentists, many of whom feel apprehensive or uneasy with using social media because they don’t want anyone judging them online, it’s important not only to use these platforms but also share stories about how much people love coming into your office!

Action Item:

What kind of patients do you want to bring through your door? Keepers? Those who love and appreciate what you do? Dental social media marketing allows you to talk WITH patients and prospective patients, not AT them.

In your team meeting this week, brainstorm the “uniqueness inside your own little field” that bolsters your ritual comforts. How can you use social media’s transparency to communicate your uniqueness to current patients and prospects? If you find yourself feeling stuck, ask some questions to get the ball rolling.

How do you differentiate your practice and rise above the fray? Please let us know below, or comment on our Facebook page.

This post is part of a the series 26 Dental Social Media Marketing Truths.

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