3 Great Ways To Help Your Team Build Your Dental Social Media Platform

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ONCE YOU HAVE YOUR DENTAL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM in place, it’s time to start building. Where do you begin?

Lead With One Of Your Very Greatest Strengths

If you’re like most practices one of your big advantages in gaining early traction with your dental social media efforts is obvious—so obvious in fact that you may not even be thinking about it. Your team!

Team members have close relationships with your patients. Team members live and work in your community. Team members love your practice. Team members understand your practice culture. Team members have friends, family members, gym buddies, their church congregation, online social networks, and neighbors who are all prospective patients for your practice. Team members are one of the keys to getting the early word out about your social media platform.

Initially, Dental Social Media Platforms Don’t Grow From The Inside Out

Early on, there aren’t enough people inside your practice’s platform to create much of any viral effect. Shares, blog comments, Facebook likes, retweets, etc. are few and far between. Yes, you’re smart in celebrating every victory—no matter how small. But in the early weeks and months, you must build your platform from the outside in. And the best place to start is with your team.

Action Items:

Here are some specific tactics you can use to empower your team to help:

1. Make It Super Easy

Make it SUPER easy and comfortable for your team members to talk about social media with your patients. Be careful about making either team members or patients uncomfortable. One of the best ways to do this is to have a number of “ice breakers” available in your practice. Here are three ideas:

Conversation-Starting Buttons Or T-Shirts:
dental social media

Printed Materials To Hand Out:
dental social media

One Or More In-Practice iPads, iPad Minis or iPods:
dental social media

2. Train And Role Play

Role play with team members during team meetings and practice the most comfortable ways to encourage patients to subscribe to your blog, Like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter, or check in on Facebook. Practicing on each other will help your team members get more comfortable.

3. Make It Fun, And Consider Goals And Incentives

Everyone is more motivated when it’s fun and/or there are incentives. Here’s a recent training video we did with two great ideas for goals and incentives:

Do You Have Great Ideas We’ve Missed?

How about your practice? Have you done things that have helped your team members spread the word about your social media platform? Please share your thoughts below, or on our Facebook page! Thanks!


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