Pay Attention To These Brilliant Social Media Dental Marketing Trends

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Social Media Dental Marketing Trends To Pay Attention To

Whether you are an orthodontist, dentist, endodontist, or periodontist, it is vital that you stay up-to-date on the latest social media dental marketing trends of 2020 in order to grow your practice. In the dental marketing world, there has been a shift to almost exclusively digital marketing. You don’t want your practice to get left behind.

With dental patient expectations and online dental social media marketing trends evolving at a rapid speed, dental practices that are not focused on the future of dental marketing are already falling behind. Now is the time to be pro-active about your dental marketing plan.

Social media dental marketing trends and tactics are shifting from complicated to simple.

Although social media dental marketing trends are changing quickly, the good news is that marketing tactics are shifting from complicated to simple. Gone are the days of polished and scripted videos and long detailed posts about your dental practice. Now, it is impressive to share genuine and spontaneous content. Your patients want quick and engaging content that resembles content their friends post online.

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Do you want to show up before competing practices in a Google search? What about in Facebook and Instagram search? Are you striving to provide the best comprehensive care and educate your patients? Are you set on having the best practice culture and patient experience of any practice in your area? Your dental practice will outshine the competition and build trust with patients when you incorporate these social media dental marketing tips into your marketing strategy.

This blog will walk you through current dental marketing trends that are gaining momentum, and how you can easily implement them to grow your dental practice:

Live Video For Social Media Dental Marketing

Here at My Social Practice, we follow the growth and improvement of our clients’ social media dental marketing efforts. We’ve found that it’s not uncommon for live video posts to get up to ten times the amount of Likes as standard images. It is no secret that video content is more interesting. Additionally, dental video content helps patients and prospective patients connect with your team on a human level.

Livestreaming takes the pressure and complexity out of producing dental video content. When your patients tune in to a live stream, they don’t expect anything to be scripted or edited, they just want to see your authenticity and possibly say hello to you in the comments! Live video is a great way to give your patients and fans a behind-the-scenes look at your practice and promote a connection with your team.

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Creative Social Media Dental Marketing Campaigns

It can feel impossible to come up with a catchy dental marketing campaign. A memorable and clever dental marketing strategy does wonder for setting your practice apart from your competition. Think about the kind of dental patient that you want to attract.

Are you targeting parents of pediatric patients? Or, are you looking to get senior patients through the door? Tailor your creativity to harmonize with your target demographic.

Post meaningful content like fun pictures, contests, games, giveaways, and even dental tips and tricks. This kind of content marketing will attract a new flow of potential patients. My Social Practice has an entire creative team built to create dental marketing campaigns and ship off the ideas and props right to your door. Get dental social media ideas shipped right to your door and never ask “What should I post?” again.

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Consider Working With An Instagram Influencer

An influencer is a person who has built a large following on social media. The worlds leading brands are using influencers to reach more of their target marketing than ever before. You have the potential to attract and convert dental patients through local influencers and opinion leaders who already have your potential patient’s attention and trust. An influencer doesn’t need to be famous to have authority.

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One of your very own patients could be a well-known influencer on social media! It is a huge advantage to market your dental practice by incorporating an influencer in your strategy. Working with an influencer will allow you to reach locals who may not normally see your practice’s social media pages.

Mobile-Friendly Dental Website Design

Your dental website is the core of your online presence. Your potential patients will look you up online before calling or making an appointment. A majority of today’s patients are using their mobile devices to discover new dentists and request an appointment. Google is now indexing the mobile version of your website before the desktop version. It’s extremely important to mobile optimize your dental website.

Many dentists still own outdated, clunky dental websites that are not mobile responsive. There is nothing that will deter a potential patient faster than a slow website that is difficult to use.

A new dental website shouldn’t break the bank.

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Ensure that your dental website is polished and has a seamless design for both desktop and mobile users. A new dental website doesn’t need to break the bank. My Social Practice designs beautiful, blazing-fast, dental websites to show your potential patients everything they want to know—and why your practice should be their choice.

Use our Dental Website Grader to find out if your website is up to snuff. If your site isn’t up to standard, reach out to us to find out how we can fix that. Download our free dental website ebook to see if you have all 7 website essentials! And also don’t miss out on our $4,000 dental website credit for all new clients of My Social Practice.

“Storified” Social Media Dental Marketing Content

Facebook and Instagram stories provide some unique social media dental marketing possibilities for social media reach and growth. Stories are essentially slideshows of videos or photos that stay on your dental social media page for just 24 hours. Stories from people and brands you follow appear at the top of your feed, making it easy to quickly see what your friends are up to.

The format of Instagram Stories, including the 24-hour limitation, can actually help you create more engaging content. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Be more spontaneous. Do you have an idea for a dental social media post but you’re not sure if it will work? An Instagram story is a perfect way to experiment. If it’s a hit with fans, you can continue adding to the story, and if not, it won’t stick around long.
  • Take patients along for the ride. Instagram Stories offer a unique way to make day-to-day events interesting. Running practice errands or unboxing a new piece of equipment? Share an interesting snapshot from each step of the process, resulting in an easy-to-follow montage of moments.
  • Never worry about over-posting. Stories are completely separated from regular Instagram and Facebook feeds. You can post as much as you want to a story and never annoy your followers or clog their feeds.
  • Less polished = more authentic. Traditionally, Instagram has been seen as where people share their best, most-composed photography. It is not so with Instagram Stories. In the context of a story, a less-curated, more fun look at your practice is a better approach—and requires less effort on your part!

Stories are skyrocketing in popularity.

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The stories format is likely to become the primary way users interact with social media platforms, replacing the role of the News Feed. Smartphones and shorter attention spans will continue to fuel the prominence of short-lived content in 2021.

Successful social media dental marketing trends change all the time. Yet, the core goal of your dental marketing strategy doesn’t change. You’ll always want your patients to feel comfortable and confident coming back to your practice. Above all, it will always be important to provide the best possible dental care and promote dental health for both patients and non-patients.

The dental field is very competitive. You want your patients to stay loyal to your dental office and even recommend you to their friends and family.

Reading blogs like this will pay off big time for your practice. Dental marketing can be overwhelming and there are many dental marketing companies claiming they can solve the problem. My Social Practice is the first dental-focused agency to create the easiest and more effective social media dental marketing solution out there. Let us do the heavy lifting with unique marketing strategies for your practice, website content, social media ideas, online reviews, and you’re own personal social media consultant.


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