Dental Social Media Marketing With Impact Is Participatory

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DENTAL SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING WITH IMPACT requires more than simply opening accounts! Recently, Tom Fishburne wrote a great blog post entitled Our Facebook Page where he talks about today’s get-rich-quick-using-social-media mentality. Tom is a brilliant illustrator and sound marketer. His point is that many brands (or in our case, dental practices) believe that if you just build it (open social media accounts), the audience will come.

After reading Tom’s post, I left the following comment:

Point well taken, Tom. The message I find myself hammering over and over again is, “Social media isn’t something you ‘have’. It’s something you ‘do’”. In my opinion there are two reasons why the get-rich-quick-using-social message is so prevalent. First, most business owners just don’t understand how it works. It’s still thought of as a new approach to traditional marketing. Second, more and more naïve (best case) and/or unscrupulous (worst case) traditional website providers and SEO consultants are “adding” social media to their list of services in a desperate effort to not be left behind. By pitching it as something businesses need to “have”, not “do” they reinforce the notion that by simply signing up the rest takes care of itself. The only way to turn the tide is through education—and keeping the discussion about effective, relationship-based digital marketing strategy independent from the tool(s) of the day—including Facebook.”

Tom’s reply to my comment:

“Hi all. Many thanks for the comments this week. This week’s cartoon print goes to Jack Hadley. I really like his distinction that social media isn’t something you have, it’s something you do. An antisocial brand can’t start using social media and suddenly become social. Many thanks! 

Then (by the way) he sent me this cool, autographed print I’m about to hang on my office wall:

Dental Social Media Marketing is Participatory

Sorry, But Nobody Cares About You

In the video below, Seth Godin drives home this point as it relates to YouTube video content. However, exactly the same thing applies to ALL of your content—whether we’re talking about Facebook, your blog posts, Tweets, etc.

Dental Social Media Marketing Is Participatory!

Now, now… Don’t be discouraged. Just because nobody cares about you doesn’t mean that they won’t start to care about you over time—that is, if you show interest in them and provide them with content they enjoy and can use.

Action Items:

Regardless of where you are in your dental social media marketing efforts, re-commit today to PARTICIPATE and BE a social business (or if you’re already doing a lot of things right, now become even better!).

1. Review with your team what being a social practice means. Make sure you’re all on the same page!

2. Set a goal to invite five patients (or three, or even one) each day to Like your Facebook page. Role play with team members on the best ways to approach and ask patients. If you need more ideas, here’s an eBook you can download that will help.

3. Set one more goal to post at least one meaningful, engaging post on your Facebook page each day. If you’re one of our clients, absolutely use the Daily Kickstart posts we send you each morning. They rock and really help with page engagement. If you’re not yet one of our clients here are some great ideas you can use:


This post is part of a the series 26 Dental Social Media Marketing Truths.