How To Leverage Big Swings Using Dental Social Media Marketing

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IN DENTAL SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING there’s no substitute for your consistent, day-to-day efforts. Purposeful, small tactics driven by thoughtful strategies result in clear benefits that grow thriving practices. This formula is the basis for creating ROI with your dental social media marketing efforts.

However, in addition to the steady small stuff, your practice should be launching a big idea from time to time. That is, taking a “big swing”.

What are a few things that you feel are WAY out of your grasp? Is it doubling your Invisalign cases this quarter? How about doubling your Facebook page Likes? Is it raising $25,000 for a local charity you’re passionate about?

Doing The Groundwork Means Having Your Dental Social Media Platform In Place

When you do the small things over time, you build a framework… a system… a structure… a mindset and habits that support your big swings. If you wait until you need a social media venue to start creating it, you’re too late. Now is the time. Your fan base is growing (perhaps slowly, but that’s OK). You have a loyal tribe of patient advocates who are typically willing and able to help you. With dental social media marketing, your practice doesn’t have to be the only one holding a bullhorn.

With Your Stage Set, It’s Time To Take A Big Swing

Some of your swings will be strikes, some will be fouls, and some will be base hits. Once in a while you’ll hit a home run or a grand slam (as in the example below). Regardless of the outcome, big swings keep you focused on your goals and keep your team engaged and excited.

This Week, Dr. Banas And Team Took A Big Swing

One of our awesome clients, Dr. Banas in Ocean Springs, Mississippi did something amazing for someone this week. As you look at the story below, IT’S IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER that Dr. Banas and his team did NOT do this for publicity. They did it out of the goodness of their hearts. In fact, they were shocked at the publicity it created. All they did was post a photo to their Facebook wall that featured Austin as the hero. As Dr. Banas’ social media marketing partner, we’re the ones that saw and are pointing out the positive marketing fallout that has occurred. Here’s the story:

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You can visit Ocean Springs Dental’s Facebook page.

Action Items:

1. If you’re one of our clients, you already have a remarkable platform, in place. Make sure you’re building momentum through participation. Reading the Kickstart email each morning that we send to you is a great place to start. If you’re not one of our clients, as a start be sure to have a Facebook page and a blog set up as the first two components of your platform.

2. ALWAYS be on the lookout in your community for opportunities to serve others. Stories like the one above are more common than you think—IF you’re paying attention with the right mindset! Remember, it doesn’t mean you must find someone who has had their teeth damaged. Everyone has teeth… And there are lots of people you can help who are financially struggling or who have had some kind of recent hardship. Any time you’re blessed with an opportunity to serve others you come closer to becoming a social practice marketing dental practice. Remember what Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

3. Organize your ideas for possible big swings. Then, have a special team meeting to throw your ideas out for discussion, feedback, and input. Be sure to share Dr. Banas’s story with them to be sure all of your team members understand the value of your dental social media marketing tools in supporting your big swings. Ask your team to come up with their own ideas, bring them to a follow-up meeting, and be prepared to share them. You may even want to consider a prize for the winning idea(s).

4. Now, pick an idea, pick up the bat, and take a big swing.

Has your dental or orthodontic practice taken a big swing in the past year? If so, what did you learn? Please share your experience below, or on our Facebook page. Thanks!

This post is part of a the series 26 Dental Social Media Marketing Truths.

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About the Author: Jack Hadley is one of the founding members of My Social Practice located in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is passionate about helping dental practices grow their patient base exponentially by using digital dental marketing strategies. If you’d like to book Jack or one of the other members of My Social Practice’s speaking team, you can do that on our dental marketing expert page.