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The Single Best Blogging Strategy For Dental Practices—EVER!

By September 13, 2016May 30th, 2022No Comments

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Trust is everything in the relationship between dentist and patient, and one of the best ways to build it is surprisingly easy—blogging!

Effective blogging is simply writing about what you love in a way that informs and empowers readers. For example, as a dentist, you might blog about the latest advancement in teeth whitening, answer a patient question about flossing technique, or write about foods that commonly cause dental issues. The important thing is that whatever you write about, your blog posts should demonstrate your expert knowledge and genuine concern for patients’ well-being.

Why is blogging such a valuable tool for dentists? Because it allows you to strengthen both your online presence and your reputation as a dentistry thought leader. A regular feed of interesting and useful blog content attracts visitors and builds trust with patients, making them more likely to refer family and friends.

So how can you create blog posts that are valuable to patients and establish your credibility?

Start with these four fundamentals of blogging strategy for dental practices:

#1. Define Your Blog’s Purpose

Blogging Strategy For Dental Practices - Define your blogs purpose
Begin by deciding what you want to achieve with your blog. Doing this first will not only keep you focused, but also provide many ideas for what you want to write about. A good blog goal might have three parts, such as “to educate readers, build trust with patients, and strengthen our online presence.”

Share your blogging plans with your team, and incorporate your practice mission into your goal to give your writing a personal touch.

#2. Write for Your Patients

blogs for dentists“I don’t know what to write about” is a sentiment that keeps far too many people from blogging. As a dentist, you have a unique advantage here because you talk face-to-face with your blog’s audience every day: patients!

Keep notes on the most common concerns that your patients bring up throughout the week. Ask fans on social media what dental questions they want answered. Monitor dental industry headlines for new technology or findings that you can translate into a simple, relevant blog post. Share why one of your team members loves serving patients in a “team member spotlight.” If you focus on your patients’ and prospective patients’ needs, you’ll find there’s no shortage of great ideas for blog posts.


#3. Promote Your Posts

blogging for dentists
No matter how good your content is, blog posts can’t achieve their purpose if nobody knows about them. Consider how best to use all available channels of communication to distribute your blog content.

Since blog posts are usually too lengthy for platforms like Facebook and Twitter, they are typically hosted on a practice website. So how do you get people to your website to read your posts? You could share a link to the post on all your social media platforms, attach a catchy caption, and boost it on Facebook. Send a monthly newsletter to your patient email list with headlines and links to the month’s posts. In your practice, invite everyone who visits to stay in touch through social media and subscribe to your blog.

Effective content distribution, as well as proactively inviting patients and team members to read and share your posts, is key to a successful blog.

#4. Commit to a Content Schedule

Blogging Strategy For Dental Practices - Commit to a schedule
Nothing makes a blog look irrelevant like seeing that the most recent post is from five years ago. A steady supply of fresh posts shows readers that you are not only staying current on dental trends, but also present and available to engage with them online.

A good place to start is to commit to publishing one new blog post per week. Remember, nobody is expecting a treatise; just keep the purpose of your blog in mind and write something concise and useful for your patients. Eventually, you might move up to publishing two or more posts per week. As you build your blogging network through referencing and sharing the work of other dental professionals, you may also invite guest writers to contribute a post.


Grow Your Practice Through Blogging

Blogging is such a powerful tool in social media marketing because it can establish you as the trusted dental expert in your community. Search engines will notice your relevant content and display your practice more prominently to people in your area looking for a dentist. And by writing posts that are valuable to your patient base, you build the essential rapport that leads them to introduce your practice to family and friends.

Need a little help getting started? My Social Practice makes it easy! Clients receive dental blog ideas and post templates every week, along with a team of social media experts ready to help them to success in writing, publishing and distributing blog content.


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