Valuable Dental Social Media Platforms Are Anchored By Blogs

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I’LL STRESS IT AGAIN… TOOLS COME AND GO. Your practice’s dental social media marketing strategy shouldn’t be dependent on any one account or network over which you have no control.

Let’s be direct… Right now (February 2013) when it comes to dental social media marketing, we’re talking about Facebook. Why do I single out Facebook? Because, with a billion accounts and the average user spending nearly eight hours a month there, it’s the easiest place for your practice to start. It’s probable that seven or eight out of ten patients that walk through your front door each day are active on Facebook.

So, don’t get me wrong. Facebook is important. We spend a lot of time helping our clients be more effective there. But the more important objective, in the long run, is to build your OWN platform.

A Dental Social Media Hub And Outposts

If you’ve heard one of us speak at a dental event you may recognize our Dental Social Media Hub & Spokes™ Model:

One of the most common mistakes I see dental social media marketers and dental practices making is treating spokes like a hub.

For the most part, spokes like the ones shown above (outposts) are not places to transact business—they’re places designed for conversations (except for your website, which should be only used for dental SEO). They’re places to make friends. They’re places to show interest in others. They’re places where you earn trust and make connections.

But putting all your eggs in an outpost basket is not a sound dental social media marketing strategy. Outposts are places where your strategy should be to point people back to your hub where your hope is that they’ll subscribe to, read, enjoy, learn from, and perhaps even share your content. At that point, they’ve opted into YOUR platform—a platform over which YOU have control. They’ve become a member of your tribe. You’ve earned permission to think about doing a little bit of marketing.

Can you see why your own platform is so important?

Action Items:

This is really straightforward. Make a solemn commitment in your practice to build your platform through this one goal…  Help every patient that walks through your door use their email address to subscribe to your blog.

1. If you’re one of our clients, you already have an awesome blog and the integrated subscription functionality in place. If you’re not one of our clients we recommend using WordPress for your blog and a company like MailChimp for your subscription tool.

2. Role play with your team to be sure everyone knows how to talk to your patients about the benefits of providing their email address, and subscribing to your blog.

3. Use your platform for effective storytelling. Discover the dental social media marketing power that comes through your own platform by owning your voice and doing a little bit of writing. We can help you.

Has your dental or orthodontic practice taken a big swing in the past year? If so, what did you learn? Please share your experience below, or on our Facebook page. Thanks!

Get Started Finding New Patients with Social Media

Social media marketing strategy for dentists is important. Facebook and instagram may be the easiest places to start your dental social media marketing campaign, but it’s also wise not to rely on just these two social networks when developing an effective social media strategy.

It’s good to share content across all of your social accounts and not only focus on one or two channels. The more active you are in engaging with your followers and fans via different social sites, the better chance that they’ll convert into paying patients at your dental office!

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About the Author: Blake Hadley is the president of My Social Practice located in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is passionate about helping dental practices grow their patient base exponentially by using digital dental marketing strategies. If you’d like to book Blake to speak at your next event you can do that on our dental marketing expert page.