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The Best Dental Social Media Posts, Don’t Sell Dentistry

By October 7, 2019November 15th, 2021No Comments

best dental social media posts

The Best Dental Social Media Posts Do Not Sell Dental Services

BEEN IN A PLANE LATELY? The world looks different from 35,000 feet. Do you ever consider the 35,000 foot view of your dental social media marketing?

Yes, I know. It’s kind of a bizarre question. You spend a lot of micro time inside people’s mouths. But what are you really selling? What kind of business would you have if you removed dentistry (or orthodontics) all together? Sound crazy? Consider what you’re really selling—comfort, health, appearance, confidence, and trust. You’re treating people, not teeth.

The Best Dental Social Media Posts Sell Emotion

Conventional dental marketing strategies frequently result in typical outcomes; what if we try something different? I’m sure each of us has a dress, a pair of shoes, an outfit, tie, or bag that we purchased only because a salesperson was able to elicit an emotion that had meaning for us personally.

We all want to be happy and we frequently seek for methods to make ourselves feel better. The emotional connection we have with a brand, person, or business influences the decisions we make. According to Psychology Today, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) reveals that your patients “primarily utilize emotions (personal feelings and experiences) rather than facts (brand features, characteristics, and facts) while evaluating a business.”

As dental marketers, maybe you don’t want to call yourself a marketer, but if you’re trying to encourage dental patients to accept treatment, you’re a marketer.  Why not attempt to elicit the appropriate emotions with our potential patients, creating an emotional impact to increase case acceptance for the recommended dental service.

Best Dental Social Media Posts, Action Item:

We provide our clients with dental social media post ideas through our social media publisher. This is a content library and social media posting tool that will make your dental marketing life much more pleasant. Below is an example of one of the posts.

As you read one practice’s patient responses, notice how many are about the technical aspects of dentistry and how many are about the human aspects:

social media for dentists

That’s right… “relaxed”, “calm”, “best interests at heart”, “confident”, “comfortable”… Emotions that run deep.

Start Building Your Practice With The Best Dental Social Media Posts

Now that you understand, go do the same thing in your social media marketing. Use your social media platforms to solicit direct feedback from your patients and your local community. You can do this with your blog, on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube channels and accounts.

A simply key to remember: The best dental social media posts will stop you from focusing on what you make (dentistry), and focus on what you make possible.

Make the discussion of what you’re really selling a regular agenda item in your team meetings each morning. Be sure your team members know how to talk with patients about the value of your social media platform. Be sure they’re inviting patients to participate.

By the way… Is a circus without animals still a circus? Cirque du Soleil thinks so. Is it time for an in-practice iPad for Liking, sharing, soliciting feedback, and strengthening relationships? We think so.

This post is part of a the series 26 Dental Social Media Marketing Truths.


About the Author: Adrian Lefler is a dental marketing expert and a key member of the dental social media team at My Social Practice. My Social Practice is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Adrian is passionate about helping dental practices grow. Interested in learning more about the benefits of social media for dentists please schedule a complimentary consultation. And, don’t forget to read our Google My Business reviews.