A Useful Tip For Linking Back To Your Blog From Your Dental Facebook Page

By August 29, 2012 January 28th, 2021 No Comments

WE’RE EXCITED ABOUT THE EARLY RESULTS OF OUR RESEARCH SHOWING INCREASED ENGAGEMENT on Facebook for our clients as a result of our new system for publishing blog posts from our client’s blog to their Facebook timelines.

Create And Upload An Image That Points To The Link!

Once the image is uploaded to your timeline, insert the link to your post in the description area as shown below:

Three Reasons For Doing This

First: This first reason is a no-brainer. It’s bigger and more engaging, thereby increasing the odds of grabbing attention and a click, Like, Comment, or Share.

Second: Simply stated, EdgeRank is Facebook’s super-secret, always-changing algorithm that ultimately determines how many of your Facebook fans see your Facebook content. It’s Facebook’s way of trying to distill massive amounts of content down to the things that your Facebook fans see most. It’s positioned by Facebook as a benefit to Facebook users (in reality, it may just be about selling more advertising… but that’s another discussion). Because nobody (outside Facebook’s brain trust) really knows with certainty how EdgeRank works, there’s a lot of debate among social media marketing thought leaders about whether or not third party, mass-publishing tools like NetworkBlogs and Likeable Dentists hurt your EdgeRank. We’re in the camp that believes it probably does. That’s the second reason why we’ve made this change.

Third: This visually appealing approach includes a strong call to action. If you think back to your Marketing 101 class in college you’ll recall how important calls to action are when it comes to the effectiveness of all marketing strategies.

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